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Another gold compilation is the one we have made of art and photography books in PDF format. This has always been a fascinating subject for millions of people around the world. With the advance of technology, art and photography have gone through interesting processes of transformation. Somehow, they have adapted to the emerging aesthetics closely linked to digital devices with internet access.

With our books on art and photography you can witness their evolution through time and the various trends that have marked milestones throughout history. What we love about this topic is that at any point you study it there is always something revolutionary and disruptive about it. All the arts have had to break with patterns and, many times, go against social paradigms; generally, great artists have not been valued enough in their time.

We know you have that same creative and passionate spirit, as well as a little headwind blowing towards you. That’s why we’ve made a wide selection of books on art and photography, so that you can enjoy learning techniques, trends, history and much more. Among the subtopics we handle are: architecture, painting, sculpture, cinematography, photography, music, dance and fashion.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a critic or just an “art lover”, reading about art is perfect for you. Even if you’re just getting your first taste of the world, you’ll find here references to get you up to-date in no time.

In any case, we are advocates of reading for enjoyment, beyond an intellectual or cultural exercise, reading is a pleasure that feeds the soul. Film director Stanley Kubrick could not have expressed it better: «I never learned anything at all in school and didn’t read a book for pleasure until I was 19 years old».

In this, reading and art coincide, because true dedication to reading is that which is only experienced with delight. The benefits come in addition, but unfortunately, education systems have not understood this. The task is to stop seeing reading as a requirement and start living it more as a form of enjoyment.

Andy Warhol said: «The idea is not to live forever; it is to create something that will». This is another point that reading and art have in common. Through works, an idea, a character, a historical fact, an image or a situation can live forever in the collective imagination. If there is something that remains, it is the product of the creations. To be a witness of this immortality is priceless, even if you pay for it.

Having said that, we hope you will be encouraged to choose the art and photography books that interest you most and thus begin, or continue, the adventure of entering this exciting world. Take a look below at what we offer you in each subtopic, so that you can choose more wisely what suits your reading voracity.



It is known as Architecture the technique and the art of projecting, designing and constructing buildings, changing the habitat of the human being; and studying the good use, the aesthetics and the functionality of the spaces, being these urban or architectural.

This art emerged from the hand of the prehistoric man, during the Neolithic period. By that time, several groups of humans began to develop a sedentary way of life based on agriculture. This new way of life resulted in the construction of fixed and stable dwellings, as well as the construction of ceremonial enclosures.

But the ones who perfected the architecture were the ancient Romans and Greeks. These civilizations laid the foundations of classical architecture and made it a reference point for future centuries. It was during this period that the development of columns, arches, limestone and marble work, renovated cities and irrigation systems took place and concrete was created.

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Calligraphy is the art of writing letters beautifully and correctly. As calligraphy it is also called the set of features that characterize a person’s way of writing: “Peter’s calligraphy is terrible”.

The origin of calligraphy dates back more than 4,500 years, in China. The Chinese, in this sense, have an enormous tradition in calligraphic writing, hence the visual beauty of their writing system: the ideograms. In the West, on the other hand, calligraphy was initially based on the signs of the Latin alphabet, used by copyist monks during the Middle Ages.

There are those who claim that people, by writing and showing their calligraphy, leave traces of their personality in the letters they create. In this way, one could say that an individual is insecure or violent, for example, according to its strokes.

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Cinema, better known as cinematography, is a technique and an art that consists of the capture, editing and projection of frames in a fast and successive way. The result is the illusion of a moving image.

Cinema is usually divided into a multitude of genres, according to certain characteristics and similarities between films (style, theme, intention, audience, form of production), such as animation, commercial, police, action, science fiction, romantic, documentary and experimental films, among others.

If film is your passion or you are just entering this world, we hope that our compilation of books about cinema in PDF format will introduce you even more into this interesting art that most people enjoy for being a great means of human expression.

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It is important to emphasize the fact that dance has its origin in prehistoric times, since man has always had the need to express his feelings, not only through verbal communication but also through what would be the corporal communication.

The concept of dance comes from the former French dancier. It consists of a sequence of body movements that rhythmically accompany the music. Likewise, dance is understood as a means of expression and communication.

If you are passionate about this artistic manifestation full of beauty, do not hesitate to take a look at our collection of books on dance, you will surely find a lot of value in them.

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+20 Books about Dance in PDF format

5) Drawing Books


The art and technique of sketching is what we know as Drawing. Through the action of drawing, an image is captured on a surface such as a canvas or paper, using various techniques.

On the other hand, it can also be said that Drawing is a style of graphic expression on a horizontal surface, that is, in two dimensions. Moreover, it is one of the well-known visual arts.

Drawing is a tool that allows you to express both thoughts and objects. When something cannot be expressed in words, the best option is to draw it.

The Drawing can be classified in:
Artistic drawing: expression of the artist executed by means of various techniques and materials.
Technical drawing: it is used to represent things in the most precise and exact way, such as plans or topographies.


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The word Fashion comes from the French «mode» and the Latin «modus», and is defined as a combination of clothing, complements, accessories and adornments, based on uses, customs and tastes; used by the majority during a given period. These may set the trend, according to the duration of such period.

Fashion is very complex and variable. Over time, fashion has been changing based on preferences and progress, but it has primarily been influenced by the beauty standards set by different cultures.
Many experts say that fashion is nothing more than an attempt by man to facilitate much more, to integrate into new groups. This is because by means of appearance, an identity can be defined without the need for the real personality to intervene.

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7) Graphic Design Books


Graphic Design is that profession in charge of composing images from various elements such as other images, text, effects, colors and symbols, resulting in a visual product that meets the needs of a specific audience with well-defined purposes.

Within design, and consequently, in graphic design, methodological constants intervene. These are: the problem / project / solution, the need, the user, creativity and, finally, the form-function.

A graphic designer is a specialist in the configuration of visual messages, he must understand the conventions and codes of social communication, psychology, color and the rhetoric of the image within a certain context.

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The word Music comes from the Greek «mousikē» which means “the art of the muses”, and is known as the art of giving order in a sensitive and logical way to a coherent mixture of sounds and silences, respecting the basic principles of harmony, melody and rhythm, through the intervention of complex psychological and emotional processes.

Music from its origins has been part of everyone’s life, becoming an essential element in diverse fields such as cinematography, celebrations, sports events, and therapies in diverse areas of medicine, to mention just a few.

On the other hand, music has been the source of a huge business at international level, which includes awards events in several countries.

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9) Origami Books


Origami is a Japanese art with a tradition so long that it is lost in time. Although it is somewhat more complicated and can even have a spiritual character if it is proposed, origami could be defined as the folding of paper in order to achieve a figurative form.

Origami is based on folding: no scissors are used or glue is used. The key is to fold the paper in the right place, repeating the action as many times as necessary and in the required order. In specialized origami, thinner special paper is used, but its use has extended to all types of paper and folding, being also common for folding napkins.

The geometric nature of origami, in addition to being studied as a branch of mathematics, has been used as a means of storing and unfolding structure in the field of engineering.

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Painting is defined as the art of representing graphically, by using pigments combined with other organic or synthetic elements. In painting, knowledge of color theory, painting techniques, theory of pictorial composition, and drawing are used.

Putting into practice the art of painting, consists of applying on a given surface (a canvas, a sheet of paper, a piece of wood, a wall, a piece of fabric, etc.) a specific technique, to achieve a composition of colors, shapes, textures, drawings, among others. Thus giving origin to a piece of art according to certain aesthetic principles.

Painting has been used as an artistic expression since ancient times, and is one of the seven Fine Arts.

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What we know as Photography consists of the art and technique of achieving images that last, thanks to the action of light. This is a process that consists in projecting and capturing images, either through the technique of fixing them in a light-sensitive medium or by transforming them into electronic signals.

Nowadays, photography acts as an essential tool in the documentary or journalistic field, since it allows the capture of real images to be reproduced in digital or physical media. In this way, events that have occurred in other places and at other times can be appreciated.

There are several disciplines that make use of photography as a fundamental part of their activities, such as journalism, history, science, geography, astronomy, and various applied sciences. Indeed, thanks to the image capture process, the graphic representations of objects can be enlarged to allow their study.

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12) Sculpture Books


Sculpture from Latin sculpere is a form of artistic expression consisting of carving, molding or sculpting a material to create a form with volume.

The sculptures can have a magical or ritual purpose. In those cases, the work goes beyond aesthetics, as it is attributed with different meanings. Nowadays, however, the sculpture is usually considered as an artistic work, without any other symbolic charge.

Come and check out our collection of books on sculpture in PDF format that we have prepared for your enjoyment and the expansion of knowledge on this interesting subject.

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The coloring books we offer on our site are not only for children, but there are books for all ages, so that everyone can have fun. We offer you a wide variety so that you can choose the ones you like best.

Books tell wonderful stories, with the difference that you can intervene, but adding color to what they tell us. They are also very helpful in the learning process because they activate the mind for creative thinking.

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Every day, mandalas are becoming better known and are catching the attention of people of all ages. What not everyone knows is that they have an interpretation according to their form and color, becoming powerful allies in meditation as in healing.

The mandala has its origin in India and its name in Sanskrit means “circle or wheel” representing its basic characteristic, although they can be of different forms incorporating all the geometric figures.

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Well, here ends our selection with the best books on Art and Photography. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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