25+ Marketing Books for Free! [PDF]

With the idea of providing as much information as possible on topics of great contribution to our general culture, we continue to create free book lists. This time our selection is composed of books in PDF format, which are about Marketing.

What we know as Marketing, is the conglomeration of processes and entities that allow the creation, communication and delivery of service and goods exchange offers, which have a value for customers, as well as for companies and society.

In other words, marketing is an aspect of management that focuses on the communicative orientation of the economic and commercial actions of a group or an individual. In other words, it focuses on how to identify and satisfy the needs of the target consumer market.

«Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to meet the needs of a target market with profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and wants. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the potential for profit».
Philip Kotler.

All books are in the public domain or have been released for free publication.

Digital Marketing Books

Digital marketing is a matter of the current century, since it deals with the strategies carried out by a company to reach new customers through the use of social networks, the Internet, online advertising, personalized interaction through WhatsApp, e-mail… Communication tools that have served for the expansion of brands nationally and internationally.

Being this topic considered the «boom» of the moment, the books of Digital Marketing are one of the most consulted by incorporated companies and entrepreneurs due to the scope that can be obtained; it constitutes an excellent opportunity for the companies, and not to make use of it would be considered negligence.

Based on this need, we put at your disposal a great amount of downloadable material, which will be very useful for you to become an expert.

In this link you can visit our complete selection: Books on Digital Marketing in PDF format

Political Marketing Books

Within each country there are politicians who are in charge of regulating the laws by which citizens must be governed, in other words, they are the people in charge of governing a country, from the president to the last person who makes up this broad guild; they all have a sphere of authority.

It should be noted that these people were elected by the community of that country, in a process known as voting. However, it is good to remember the electoral campaigns, there you see all kinds of propaganda, promotions, speeches of people who want to be elected.

This process is known as political marketing, which is based on rules of competition that have been established in the legal framework, in order to promote a candidate. You can learn more about this topic, in our Political Marketing book section.

Political Marketing: Understanding and Managing Stance and Brand Positioning

Alessandro Bigi

Modern Political Marketing: An Analysis of Tactics, and the Changing Role of the Media

Jill Donovan

Defining Political Marketing

Robert P. Ormrod

International Marketing Books

Companies usually have an established mission based on a vision of the future, and work with that as their main objective. Among many is usually business expansion, which is widely needed to obtain greater income.

The growth begins at the national level, trying to cover the whole country, after that comes the most complex and ambitious process, which is to reach other countries. At this point, it is necessary to learn how to adapt the company’s marketing strategy to international markets, taking into account the pro’s and con’s that derive from it.

We have made an excellent selection of books on International Marketing, with expert authors, so that you can be trained on this subject, and can successfully achieve the expansion.

International Marketing within and beyond Visegrad border

Elena Horská

Introduction to International Marketing: Questions & Answers

Y. Kozak, A. Gribincea

International Marketing

Pervez Ghauri and Philip Cateora

Basics of International Marketing: Mode of entry, Product, Positioning, Pricing, and promotion (Presentation)

Biswajit Nag

Fashion Marketing Books

Marketing has expanded to all commercial corners, there is no field that is unaware of this practice, because without it you could not sell. In fashion, this discipline focuses on the strategies that a certain brand makes to make itself known to its future clients, it is the presentation card of the product, so it must be done with an impeccable quality.

There are many brands that usually hire famous personalities to wear their suits, dresses, sports uniforms, shoes, etc. They do this with the only purpose of giving reputation, since it is not the same to wear a T-shirt that carries an unknown model, than, to use one modelled by Lionel Messi to give an example.

You can learn how to use effective techniques by educating yourself with the Fashion Marketing books we have at your disposal.

How to Brand and Market a Fashion Label

Maria Tereza Dickson

Implemenatation of marketing strategies practiced by western and eastern european fashion brands

Sonia Zawadzka

Relationship Marketing Books

Relationship Marketing books are widely consulted by businessmen, many experts know that this point is crucial in the expansion of a brand, and because of that they are trained, and they do it with their workers.

Now, what is Relationship Marketing? is the way in which a company tries to build customer loyalty, in order to gain authority in the market, since a loyal customer is one who will defend the brand, and support it in relation to others. This is a great gain, companies like Samsung, Nike, Adidas, are an example of this.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a vision for the future, this is a topic that should not be overlooked, you need to learn to expand to other markets and become a reference in your field.

Role of Relationship Marketing in Competitive Marketing Strategy

Nagasimha Kanagal

Relationship Marketing and Overview

Various authors

Keys to effective Relationship Marketing

Lluís G. Renart, Carles Cabré

Emotional Marketing Books

Emotional Marketing is one of the most difficult stages to carry out, it has a lot of similarity with relationship marketing, but it differs from that type in the point that it does not only need the support of people, but it must become loved by them, so that they feel it as their own and personal.

To achieve this end, companies must create a fairly “aggressive” plan of action, that is, they must get involved with the culture, emotions, and affections of people, which requires diligent study and good investment.

Achieving this type of marketing provides many advantages for the brand, since it ensures loyalty, commitment, is also associated positively the difference from other brands, and keeps it in the minds of consumers. All this translates into the expansion of the company, since people become multipliers of it.

Emotional Branding and Countering the Doppelganger Brand Image

Abha kotwal

Emotional Marketing: Sharing the heart of consumers

Parul Deshwal

Affiliate Marketing Books

Affiliate Marketing is a widely used discipline today, it is basically about promoting other people’s products, and earning commissions for sales of those products.

It is a very wide market, since generally many items can be promoted, from shoes, to appliances, jewelry, literature, loan services, digital courses, etc. It is very beneficial for the company that sells the product, since they use an external sales force that is responsible for advertising them in exchange for the commission.

It is a win-win relationship for both parties, however, if it is done without adequate knowledge, the person or team that is dedicated to promoting the products, can lose all the investment they have made in buying a domain, renting a hosting , create images, write texts, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Charkes Ngo

Affiliate Marketing 101

Various authors

The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing (Presentation)

Kauffrau Christine Heinzel

Books to Create a Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan constitutes a series of determined steps that become necessary at the moment of launching or positioning a brand, since nobody can do it without the necessary knowledge, that would be a great waste of time and money.

The branch of science in charge of studying this point is marketing, therefore, the specialist in the matter must advise the businessman in how to carry out the management of the company to achieve competitiveness in the market, to position itself, and to gain authority.

Currently, the digital era has led to the employment of people who work remotely as freelancers specialized in the area of Marketing.

Every company must have these experts, to ensure growth, meet objectives, and create a constant flow of customers. It should be noted that this is a long term job, but once executed, it will bring many dividends.

Marketing Guide, A guide to help you complete your marketing plan

Failte Ireland

Marketing plan template

Various authors

Developing a Marketing Plan (Presentation)

Various authors

Eight Steps to Developing A Simple Marketing Plan

Edward A. Evans y Fredy H. Ballen

Agricultural Marketing Books

When we talk about marketing we must take into account that it is about achieving sales, it implies establishing the right way to achieve that goal. Companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald, Ford, are excellent examples to follow, from which you can learn a lot.

Marketing covers practically every area, and at this point we are going to mention the agricultural marketing, which is in charge of marketing agricultural products to two simple clients: distribution companies or final consumers, there is no third option.

However, many people have no idea how to do it effectively, and sometimes they have lost their crops, so education about it is fundamental. In the Agricultural Marketing book section, you will find quality material to do so.

Marketing of Agricultutal produce

Malcolm Harper

Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers

Sustainable Agriculture Network

Content Marketing Books

Content marketing is an eye-catching technique, where the writer in this case produces a text that captures the immediate attention of the reader, with the intention of making him/her a potential customer in the short, medium or long term.

That is the definition, simple and quite clear; however, reaching that point is not easy at all, it requires a previous study of the public to be captured, knowledge about the subject to be advertised, planning, and good creativity.

Within content marketing many professionals are involved, since it is not only text (it was just an example), you can also generate graphic content (images), audiovisual (videos), etc. If you want to become a specialist, you can do it with our collection of books on content marketing.

The definitive guide to engaging content marketing (Presentation)

Various authors

Content marketing decoded

Various authors

Well, this was our selection of free Marketing books in PDF format. We hope you can find the book you’re looking for!

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