15+ Art History Books for Free! [PDF]

Since the beginning of our virtual library, we have valued art as a subject of great relevance. Studying its evolution through time is not only necessary, but also fascinating and adds a lot of weight to our cultural background. Therefore, if you are interested in delving into this area, our collection of art history books in PDF format will be very timely for you.

The beginnings of art are not entirely precise, since to consider a work as art, its aesthetic and expressive functions are taken into account. With this selection of art history books in PDF format, you will be able to see what theories exist about its origin and what art was like in prehistoric times.

Art history is considered a discipline that deals with the study of art, its development and evolution through time and as a fundamental piece of human history. The arts dealt with in this discipline are especially those considered superior. Among them we can mention painting, sculpture, architecture, music, theater, dance and literature.

However, by tradition, art history deals predominantly with the plastic and visual arts. The others have their own narrative and documentation, such as the history of literature, the history of music or the history of dance.

The classification of art has varied over time. In the Middle Ages, for example, a distinction was made between the mechanical arts and the liberal arts. Later, in the Modern Age, we began to speak of the fine arts and today the classification is much broader. Learn about the evolution of the artistic disciplines through the more than 15 books of art history in PDF format, all of them immediately available and to which you have access for free.

Here we present our complete selection of Art History books:

1) The Origin of Art According to Karl Von Den Steinen

Pierre Deleage

3) Classical Art (Presentation)

Aristoi Classical Academy

4) Art of the High Roman Empire (Presentation)

Chandler Unified School District

5) Roman Art and Architecture (Presentation)

Fairfield Suisun Unified School District

6) Art History Timeline (Article)

Fairfield Suisun Unified School District

7) Art History Timeline (Article)

Jesse Bryant Wilder

8) Eternal Egypt Art and Architecture (Article)

Carleton University

9) African Art (Article)

Marsha K Russell

10) Heidegger The Origin of the Work of Art (Article)

Timothy R Quigley

11) Living Tradition A Study of Prehistoric Rockpaintings and Indigenous Art from District Sonbhadra Southern Uttar Pradesh India

Indrani Chattopadhyaya

12) The Ancient World

Higher Education Pearson

13) The Origins of Modern Art

Higher Education Pearson

14) Prehistoric Geometric Rock Art at Gharb Aswan Upper Egypt

Per Storemyr Archaeology and Conservation

15) The Birth of Baroque Painting in Italy

Higher Education Pearson

16) Ancient Indian Art A formal analysis

Dr Uma Chakraborty

17) Late Gothic and Renaissance Art in Italy 1350-1550

Virtual Library on The Ringling Museum

Here ends our selection of free Art History books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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