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Traditional Western medicine is not practiced everywhere in the world. In the eastern hemisphere there are other conceptions of the body and health of human beings. Not necessarily one of the two systems is wrong, they simply focus on different aspects of health. In order to continue enriching our virtual library, we have compiled books about Chinese medicine in PDF format, and thus expand your vision of alternative therapies for the western world.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been able to penetrate Western countries and succeed in treating and preventing disease. It is a practice with more than 3000 years of history, but it cannot completely fit into the canons of Western science, as it is based on very different principles. You can get to know them by exploring our books on Chinese medicine, available for immediate download.

Chinese medicine is defined as a practice focused on the prevention and healing of disease through the balancing of vital force or “qi”. It considers that the body is marked by some meridians through which the chi makes its way, and one should always look for the way it can flow without obstacles through them. One must also seek the balance of “yin” and “yang” which are the opposite forces of energy, which are present throughout the universe.

Chinese medicine has different practices that achieve the goal of energy balance, among them: acupuncture, moxibustion, chi kung, acupressure, massage and Chinese herbs. The holistic approach to this form of medical practice does not allow physicians to treat by disease, but by patient. For the Chinese, the same disease cannot be treated the same in two different patients.

Discover more about the exciting world of this discipline in our more than 20 books on Chinese medicine in PDF format and satisfy your research needs.

Here we present our complete selection of Chinese Medicine books:

The eight extraordinary Qigong

James MacRitchie

The Origins of Qigong

Paula Daunt

Traditional Chinese Medicine Could Make Health for One True

World Health Organization

Managing Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Laurieanne Nabinger

Meditative Movement, Energetic, and Physical Analyses of Three Qigong Exercises

Penelope Klein, George Picard, Joseph Baumgarden and Roger Schneider

AcuPressure Points Manual

The School of Chi Energy

Nine traditional Chinese herbal formulas for the treatment of depression

Dan-dan Feng, Tao Tang, Xiang-ping Lin, Zhao-yu Yang, Shu Yang, Zi-an Xia, Yun Wang, Piao Zheng, Yang Wang and Chun-hu Zhang

Molecules of Traditional Chinese Medicine (power point presentation)

Will Gutekunst

Moxibustion to correct a breech presentation of the fetus


Chinese traditional medicine: an introductory overview (Article)

Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold

The clinical efficiency of acupuncture in preventing migraine attacks and its effect on serotonin levels

Mualla Biçer, Dilek Bozkurt, Murat Çabalar, Nilgün Isiksaçan, Asuman Gedikbasi, Arsida Bajrami and Ilknur Aktas


Tony Y. Chon, MD, and Mark C. Lee, MD

An investigation Into Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals in China: Development Trend and Medical Service Innovation (Article)

Liang Wang, Sizhuo Suo and Hao Hu

Qigong as a mindful exercise intervention for people living with mental ill health (Article)

Chris Lloyd, H. Tsang and Frank P. Deane

The New Understanding of Yin and Yang of TCM Physiological Model (Article)

Yong-Ning Niu, Yan-Fang Mo and Xiong-Zhi Wu

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Article)

Barry L. Gommer Jr

Chinese herbal medicines (Article)

Kevin Ergil

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Article)

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Acupressure for Chronic Pain (Article)

Jason Liang

Moxibustion Therapy. Guidelines for using Moxa (Article)

Essence Healing Acupuncture Evanston Dr. Carla Edwards

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Statement by EASAC and FEAM (Article)

Science Advice for the Benefit of Europe

Here ends our selection of free Chinese Medicine books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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