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For those who wish to consolidate their knowledge about alternative treatments, we have created a collection of free osteopathy books.

What is known as osteopathy is a set of non-invasive treatments and manual techniques, which are used to relieve discomfort, and treat injuries and pain through the recovery of organic balance.

This is an alternative medicine that focuses on physically manipulating the bone and muscle tissue, to achieve this, the professional who puts it into practice known as an osteopath, uses only his hands.

The use of osteopathy is recommended for a wide variety of organic discomforts such as osteoarthritis, headache or migraine, joint pain, back pain, and digestive problems (hernias, ulcers, constipation), among others. 

To get all the information you want to know about this alternative medicine, we invite you to consult our more than 30 materials including books and free osteopathy articles in PDF format.

Osteopathy Books

Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine


Osteopathy and yoga - a first examination

Martin Hiess

Osteopathic Philosophy And History

Michael A. Seffinger, Hollis H. King, Robert C. Ward and others

The extent and quality of evidence for osteopathic education - A scoping review

Andrew MacMillan and others

Muscle energy technique - An evidence-informed approach

Gary Fryer

Osteopathy and Mental Health - An Embodied, Predictive, and Interoceptive Framework

Lucas Bohlen, Robert Shaw, Francesco Cerritelli and Jorge E. Esteves

Osteopaths’ professional views, identities and conceptions e A qualitative grounded theory study

Oliver P. Thomson, Nicola J. Petty, Ann P. Moore

Scoliosis and Osteopathy

René Zweedijk, Christophe Tylleman and Peter Schwind

Basic principles of Sports Medicine and how they relate to Osteopathic Medicine

Luka Samarzija

A Thematic Analysis of Osteopathic Physicians’ Identities and Experiences in North American Professional Sports

Kaitlyn Blacha, Andrew Cade, Tyler Russell and Daniel Skinner

Traditional Osteopathy and the General Osteopathic Treatment - A Historical Concept and a Modern Application (Article)

Pascal J. Grolaux and others

Osteopathic principles: More harm than good? (Article)

David W. Evans

The core principles of osteopathic philosophy (Article)

Stephen Paulus

The Benefits and Limitations of Evidencebased Practice in Osteopathy (Article)

Bruno Bordoni

The provision of chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathic services within the Australian private health-care system (Article)

Roger M Engel and others

Osteopathic Assessment Articles

Through a combination of manual skills and anatomical knowledge, osteopaths assess and diagnose dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, as well as their impact on the overall health of the individual.

This therapeutic approach is based on the idea that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, and osteopathic assessment is an essential tool for uncovering imbalances and blockages that can hinder this healing process.

We invite you to enjoy the following free articles on osteopathic assessment. These resources are an excellent way to expand your knowledge and discover new perspectives in this fascinating field.

Osteopathic Treatment and Evaluation in the Clinical Setting of Childhood Hematological Malignancies

Monica Barbieri, William Zardo, Chiara Frittoli and others

Osteopathic Palpation of the Heart

Bruno Bordoni and Allan Richard Escher Jr

Single session osteopathic manipulative treatment in Parkinson’s disease - a randomized clinical trial protocol

Guilherme Machado Pulcherio and others

Osteopathic approach to sacroiliac joint pain in pregnant patients (Article)

Kaori Morimoto, Alisha Harrington and Brian Loveless

Osteopathic manipulative treatment improves function and relieves pain in knee osteoarthritis (Article)

Turgay Altinbilek, Sadiye Murat and others

Osteopathic Treatment Books

Osteopaths use manual techniques to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore body function. Unlike other forms of treatment, osteopathy focuses on addressing the underlying causes of ailments rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Osteopathic treatment is a popular choice for people seeking a more natural and holistic approach to addressing their health problems. 

In addition to relieving pain and improving mobility, osteopathy can also help reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Enjoy the following free books and articles on osteopathic treatments.

The Neutral in biodynamic cranio-sacral osteopathy – an extraordinary state of consciousness

Gunter Nyul

Cranial Osteopathy - Myth Or Reality

Francois Ricard DO

Visceral Manipulation - Study Guide Sampler

The Barral Institute

The Importance of Fascia & Myofascial Release In Manual Osteopathy

Gina Beelen

Fascial release effects on patients with non-specific cervical or lumbar pain

Paolo Tozzi, Davide Bongiorno and Claudio Vitturini

Immediate Effects of Myofascial Release on the Thoracolumbar Fascia and Osteopathic Treatment for Acute Low Back Pain on Spine Shape Parameters

Andreas Brandl and others

Osteopathy Books for Specific Conditions

Osteopathy is a therapeutic discipline that can be very effective in treating a wide variety of specific conditions. 

Whether you suffer from back pain, digestive problems, migraines, or any other ailment, an osteopath can help you find relief and improve your quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about how osteopathy can help you treat your specific conditions, we invite you to explore our free books and articles on the subject.

The effect of osteopathic manipulative techniques on diaphragm movement and respiratory function in asymptomatic subjects

Sharon Wendy Hosking

Exploring the utility of motion analysis in osteopathic clinical trials; a school-based pilot study on jaw and cervical range of motion

T. Bagory, P. Vaucher, H. Mhadhbi, M. Menard

Osteopathic manipulative treatment for chronic nonspecific neck pain

Helge Franke, Jan-David Franke and Gary Fryer

Osteopathic manipulative treatment for low back pain

John C Licciardone, Angela K Brimhall and Linda N King

Osteopathy for primary headache patients - a systematic review

Francesco Cerritelli, Eleonora Lacorte, Nuria Ruffini and Nicola Vanacore

Manual Therapy of the Mandibular Accessory Ligaments for the Management of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Antonino Marco Cuccia, Carola Caradonna and Domenico Caradonna

The effects of osteopathic treatment on psychosocial factors in people with persistent pain - A systematic review

Madalina Saracutu, Jaynie Rance, Helen Davies, Darren J. Edwards

Physiotherapists and Osteopaths’ Attitudes - Training in Management of Temporomandibular Disorders

Stefano Saran and others

Knee Pain in Adults with an Osteopathic Component (Article)

Rohan Datta, Lyudmila Burina, Filippo Romanelli and Theodore B. Flaum

Manual therapy for temporomandibular disorders - A review of the literature (Article)

Allan Kalamir and others

Osteopathy and the digestive system (Article)

Deshna Umesh Shah

Osteopathic Approach to Anxiety (Article)

Tim Blumer and Janice Blumer

Manual osteopathic management of knee pain secondary to musculoskeletal and joint disorders (Article)

Fergus O Connor

Osteopathic care for low back pain and neck pain - A cost-utility analysis (Article)

N. Verhaeghea, J. Schepersa, P. van Dund and L. Annemans

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