20+ Pilates Books for Free! [PDF]

In this opportunity, we want to introduce you to our compendium of Pilates books in PDF format, with which you can learn techniques and fundamental principles of this training from which many already benefit.

Pilates is characterized as being an integral discipline since the purpose of its creator was to achieve mind control through muscular work and flexibility.

Pilates can be defined as an integral sports discipline that has three fundamental objectives: to strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility and concentration. As devised by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who drew on his knowledge of gymnastics, yoga, and physiotherapy.

This method of physical work involves a series of anaerobic exercises that are performed with gentle, slow-paced movements. It is related to yoga in that it focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing.

Access now to these more than 20 Pilates books in PDF format and download them to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Pilates books:

1) Pilates Essentials Principles & Repertoire

Karin Gurtner

2) How to get the best results from your Pilates Ring

Core Balance

3) Information about. Post Natal Exercise (Pilates)

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

4) Pilates Exercises for Individuals with Osteoporosis (Presentation)

Cassandra Terpening

5) Tuning Into Your Breath

Monja Boonzaier

6) Matwork


7) Joseph Pilates: 34 Classic Mat Exercises

George Watts Yoga

8) Pilates exercises

Salvi Shah

9) Basic Mat Workout

Niedra Gabriel

10) Pilates principles, home workout

Pilates By The Bay

11) Pilates Principle

By D. Hoppens

12) Setting your spine in neutral

Your Pilates Physio

13) Hundreds Series

Your Pilates Physio

14) Body WorksBeginner's Pilates Exercises

The Body Works Leicester

15) Five Basic Principles


16) Shoulder Bridge

Your Pilates Physio

17) Cobra Strech

Your Pilates Physio

18) Prone Planks

Your Pilates Physio

19) Pilates

Lyons Township High School District 204

20) Advanced Pilates/Core Exercise Programme

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

21) Pilates fundamentals

LB Pilates Studios

22) Pilates Breath

Pilates ACT

Here ends our selection of free Pilates books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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