15+ Massages Books for Free! [PDF]

In a society that manages high levels of stress, massage becomes a good solution to relieve some of the burden. But it is a technique that goes far beyond relaxation, its therapeutic effects are important in medicine, so we want you to study the world of massage therapy with our selection of massage books in PDF format.

Massages are becoming less and less exclusive to certain spaces, such as clinics and spas, now you can access it in places like airports, gyms, shopping malls, among others. This is because its benefits have become evident. Check them out with our collection of massage books.

Massage is a concept we use to refer to the manipulation, caressing and pressure of the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Its intensity can vary from gentle rubbing to strong pressure.

There are many types of massage, among the most important we can emphasize:

Swedish massage: It is a relaxing and energizing type of massage. It consists of soft and elongated, circular and vibratory movements.

Deep tissue massage: It seeks to reach the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue. That is why the movements are of greater pressure and slower. Its main objective is to improve injured muscles.

Lymphatic drainage: It is performed with the objective of helping the lymphatic system to eliminate waste from the body. It is performed especially in the parts of the body where there is more accumulation of fat.

Sports massage: This massage is performed to prevent injury, help muscle flexibility and help injured muscle or connective tissue recover more quickly.

Learn more about massage therapy types and techniques with our more than 15 massage books in PDF format. It’s an exciting area to explore and you can access the books for free by downloading them right now on any electronic device.

Here we present our complete selection of Massages books:

1) Introduction to Massage Therapy

Asis Goswami,P K Nag,Akhoury Gournag Kumar Sinha

Source: E PGPathshala INFLIBNET Centre

2) Therapeutic Massage

Family & Nursing Care

Source: Silver Spring At-Home Senior Care Services Family & Nursing Care

3) Guide to the Benefits of Massage

Lena DeGloma

Source: Red Moon Wellness Expert Massage Therapy

4) Massage for Pain An Evidence Map

Paul G Shekelle

Source: Health Services Research & Development

5) Use of Tactile Massage as an Effective Therapy for Elderly A Qualitative Literature Review

Patricia Iglesias Franco

Source: Theseus

6) The Effect of a Hand Massage on Pain and Depression in the Older People Living in a Nursing Home Pilot Study (Article)

Saime Erol,Merve Ertunc,Tugba Ozturk

Source: JournalAgent

7) Traditional thai Massage (Presentation)

Peanchai Khamwong

Source: Faculty of Nursing CMU Web Portal

9) Contraindications for Massage Therapy

Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Source: Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

10) Hand/Arm Massage (Article)

New Skills Academy

Source: New Skills Academy

11) Treating Tension Headaches with Massage Therapy (Presentation)

Grace Adams

Source: University of Michigan Medical School

12) Massage Therapy Treatment Manual

Lynda Solien Wolfe,Michael McGillicuddy,James Waslaski

Source: Thera Band Academy

13) Massage 101

Tanja Barnes

Source: Tanja Barnes

14) Stress Relief-Massage (Article)

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Source: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

15) Relax and dream

Hotel Quattro Cuori

Source: Hotel Quattro Cuori

16) How to Do Lymphatic SelfMassage on Your Lower Body

University Health Network

Source: University Health Network

17) Facial Massage Techniques

Japanese/Mediterranean Skin Care

Source: Profiling Beauty

Here ends our selection of free Massages books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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