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From practical manuals to innovative theories, you will find a variety of resources that will help you comprehend and master this captivating skill. Discover how hypnosis can enhance your life and empower your abilities.

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Hypnosis Books

An integrative cognitive theory of suggestion and hypnosis

Richard J. Brown

The Integrative Cognitive Theory of Suggestion and Hypnosis, provides a comprehensive model based on contemporary cognitive psychology to explain hypnosis and suggestion. The author argues that successful suggestions result from the automatic activation of perceptual and behavioral representations triggered by low-level attentional systems.

The Mysteries of Hypnosis

Georges de Dubor

The Mysteries of Hypnosis, is a book that explores the various aspects of hypnosis and its connection to psychical science. It discusses the misconceptions surrounding hypno-magnetic sciences and spiritualism, emphasizing that the phenomena can be explained by the abilities of living individuals rather than supernatural forces.

Fundamentals of Hypnotism Introduction

Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy

Fundamentals of Hypnotism Introduction, covers various topics such as the nature of hypnosis, building rapport, depth of hypnotic state, understanding the subconscious mind, hypnotic session structure, trance induction styles, suggestion delivery, self-hypnosis, and protocols for smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction. The document is relevant to the topic of hypnosis books.

Basic Hypnosis

Monica Geers Dahl

Basic Hypnosis, is a comprehensive manual on hypnosis, covering direct suggestion and an authoritarian style of hypnosis. It provides methods and techniques for relaxation, creativity, and effective goal setting.

How to Hypnotize Anyone

Patrick Wanis

How to Hypnotize Anyone, provides information on hypnotism, including techniques for inducing hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and stage hypnosis. It explains the concept of hypnosis as an altered state of consciousness and discusses the power of the mind in controlling the body.

Hypnosis Articles and Guides

Hypnosis and top-down regulation of consciousness

Devin B. Terhune, Axel Cleeremans, Amir Raz, Steven Jay Lynne

Hypnosis and top-down regulation of consciousness, provides a synthesis of current knowledge on hypnosis, including its characteristics, neurocognitive mechanisms, and applications in experimental and therapeutic contexts.

The Ultimate Guide To Self-Hypnosis

Glenn Harrold

The Ultimate Guide To Self-Hypnosis, is a comprehensive guide that explains the concept of self-hypnosis and provides techniques for achieving deep relaxation and focusing the mind. It covers various therapeutic applications and emphasizes the importance of creating a calm and focused mental state.

Fundamentals of Hypnotism Styles of Trance Induction

Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy

Fundamentals of Hypnotism Styles of Trance Induction, provides an overview of different styles and methods of inducing hypnotic trance. It covers topics such as language patterns, misdirected attention, responsiveness exercises, and suggestibility tests.

Key Concepts in Hypnosis

Campbell Perry

Key Concepts in Hypnosis, provides an overview of hypnosis, including its historical events, techniques, and its connection to false memories and dissociation. It explores topics such as hypnotic susceptibility, memory effects, age regression, and hypnosis in different contexts.

Redefining Hypnosis: theory, methods and integration

John H. Gruzelier

Redefining Hypnosis: Theory, Methods, and Integration, discusses the integration of neurobiological and sociocognitive perspectives to redefine the concept of hypnosis and its applications.

Hypnosis and the Counseling Profession

Kate C. Jiggins

Hypnosis and the Counseling Profession, provides an overview of hypnosis as a clinical tool in counseling. It explores the history, definition, and efficacy of hypnosis, as well as its integration with cognitive behavioral therapy for treating mental and physical health conditions.

What is Hypnotherapy?


What is Hypnotherapy?, provides an explanation of hypnotherapy and hypnosis, dispelling common myths and misconceptions. It emphasizes that hypnotherapy can alleviate symptoms by addressing underlying subconscious causes and that individuals cannot be hypnotized against their will.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky

Benefits of Hypnosis, provides information on the various benefits of hypnosis, including increased self-confidence, improved decision-making, stress reduction, better sleep, and achieving personal goals.


University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine

Self-Hypnosis, is an overview of self-hypnosis techniques for clinicians. It explains the principles of hypnosis, emphasizes the role of education and tailoring to patients' needs, provides guidance on trance induction, utilization for specific goals, and re-alerting.

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