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If there is an essential and delicate organ for the human being, it is the eye. Metaphorically, it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, however, for certain therapies they are mirrors of the body and any possible present or future injury.

We are pleased to present you a collection of free iridology books, where you can learn the fundamental principles of this interesting discipline.

Although iridology does not have a verifiable scientific basis, it is a practice that still exists and has followers. Few people can provide this type of diagnosis, as it requires a thorough evaluation of every detail, as well as a lot of practice. 

Iriology is a discipline that studies the relationship between the signs found in the iris and the affectation of an organ of the body or its tendency to become ill.

Continue exploring this interesting topic with our more than 15 materials between books and iridology articles in PDF format, you can download them all for free.

Iriology Books

Beginning Iridology - Instruction Manual

Brenda R. Generali

History of Iridology

James Duffy

Methodology of Iris Image Analysis for Clinical Diagnosis

Sandeep Panwar Jogi and Bharat Bhushan Sharma

Introduction to Iridology (Article)

John Andrews

Iridology & Detox Specialist

Thad Cheatham

Eye Anatomy and Function (Presentation)

Dr Jie Zhang PhD

Eye Anatomy (Article)

Jie Zhu, Ellean Zhang and others

Anatomy and Physiology of The Eye

Abdullah M. Khattab and Abdullah AlOmair

Iridology, its concept and practice

Gary Dale Bumgarner

A Novel Approach of Automatic Iridology Chart Drawing onto Eye Images

A. Anisha and J.Y. Huang

Books on Iris Sign Interpretation

The iris is a part of the eye that can reveal a lot of information about a person’s health and personality. According to iridologists, the iris is divided into zones that represent different parts of the body.

Thus, the upper zone would be related to the head and neck, the lower zone to the legs and feet, etc. Changes in coloration, the presence of marks, or an altered texture may indicate the existence of inflammation, toxins, or disorders in these areas.

Other signs that can be interpreted are the shape and size of the pupil, the different shades of the iris, or the arrangement of the fibers. Learn more with the following free books and articles on the interpretation of iris signs.

Iridiagnosis and other diagnostic methods

Henry Lindlahr, M.D

Iris Imaging for Health Diagnostics

Tania Weidan Yu

Implications of Ocular Pathologies for Iris Recognition Reliability

Mateusz Trokielewicza, Adam Czajkaa and Piotr Maciejewicz

How Iris Recognition Works (Article)

John Daugman

Standardization in IRIS Diagnosis (Article)

Petra Perner

Holistic Iridology

David J. Pesek

An Iris based Lungs Pre-diagnostic System (Article)

Tassadaq Hussain and others


Patrick Trevor-Roper

Books on Correlations Between the Iris and Health

Iridology holds that there are important correlations between the appearance of the iris and a person’s state of health. According to this practice, certain signs and changes in the structure, color, or vascularization of the iris can be indicative of potential health problems.

For example, hyperpigmentations or opacities in specific areas of the iris are associated with inflammations, infections, or disorders in the organs and systems that represent those areas.

Iridology is even attributed prognostic value, as it can reveal early signs of possible pathologies before they develop obvious symptoms. You can learn a little more with the following books and articles on correlations between the iris and health.

The reliability of iridology in the diagnosis of previous acute appendicitis, as evidenced by appendectomy

Lora Frank

Associations between iris characteristics and personality in adulthood

Mats Larsson, Nancy L. Pedersen and Hakkan Stattin

Study on the Correlation Between Iris Characteristics and Schizophrenia (Article)

Chunsheng Tian, Li Duan and others

Identifying hearing loss by means of iridology (Article)

Natalie Stearn and De Wet Swanepoel

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