5+ Gestalt Therapy Books for Free! [PDF]

For all our readers interested in alternative methodologies that help human beings achieve wellness, we have created a collection of free Gestalt therapy books.

What is known as Gestalt therapy deals with a type of psychotherapy focused on self-awareness, which attempts to help individuals understand and meet their needs. 

This alternative therapy focuses on the here and now, so patients must take an introspective look at the way they think, feel, and act.

In Gestalt therapy it is believed that each person possesses within him/herself what is necessary to recover his/her balance and well-being and thus achieve a healthy development with an integrated personality, to face and overcome obstacles.

In this section, we share with you a wide variety of more than 20 materials between books and free articles on Gestalt therapy in PDF format, so that you have the opportunity to know everything related to this option, how it is applied, its benefits and how to make the most of it.

Gestalt Therapy Books

Professional Competencies and Quality Standards - Specific Competencies of Gestalt Therapists

Ivana Vidakovic and others

Let’s introduce order into Gestalt terminology

Mariola Paruzel-Czachura and Bartosz Konieczniak

Gestalt Therapy

Gary Yontef and Lynne Jacobs

Dialogue in gestalt theory and therapy

Lynne Jacobs

Basic Principles for Therapeutic Relationship and Practice in Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy

Angelika Böhm

Therapeutic Collaboration and Significant Events to the Client’s change - A Systematic Review

Andriza Correa and others

Gestalt Therapy (Article)

J & S Garrett Pty

Articles about the Gestalt Therapeutic Process

Gestalt therapy follows a process that helps the client to achieve greater self-knowledge and well-being. In the first sessions, the therapist performs an initial assessment to establish therapeutic goals, considering aspects such as the conflicts to be resolved and the individual’s areas of opportunity.

Once the priorities have been defined, the more dynamic part begins, where techniques such as the “empty chair” are used, in which the client imagines and dialogues with significant others. Polarity” is also used, which consists of expressing both opposite sides of a situation to achieve balance.

The Gestalt therapist provides feedback and guidance to the client to take responsibility for their conflicts, solve problems creatively, and improve interpersonal communication. You can learn more with the following free articles about the Gestalt therapeutic process.

Authentic connectedness - an exploration of gestalt therapy principles in addressing the dynamics of interacting across identity difference

Marissa H. McMillin

Hould they really stop fighting? - Dealing with conflicts in organizations, a gestalt approach

Frans Meulmeester

Gestalt Psychotherapy, Conflict and Resolution - An Autoethnography

Mike Talbot

Applying gestalt therapy principles in counseling a female orienteer (Article)

Dana Bednarova

Books on Applications of Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy can be flexibly adapted to different settings and issues. A common application is in couples therapy, where through techniques such as controlled physical contact and feedback, people improve their communication, conflict resolution, and role management.

It is also used in family therapy, where members improve empathy and perspective-taking with each other. Another modality is group therapy, which through interaction and dramatization of scenarios, enhances social learning and empowerment.

Gestalt therapy is also effective in treating problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Learn more with the following free books and articles on Gestalt therapy applications.

The effect of gestalt play therapy on feelings of anxiety experienced by the hospitalized oncology child

Melany Constantinou

Narratives about Gestalt-therapeutic couple therapy

Jens Mebius

An Analysis of Gestalt Group Psychotherapy in the Context of Multiculturalism

Allison Chambers

Gestalt Therapy Effectiveness - A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence

Rosalba Raffagnino

Gestalt Therapy Perspective on Panic Attacks

Gianni Francesetti

A Gestalt Perspective on Working with Group Process

John Bernard Harris

Gestalt couples therapy (Article)

Friedemann Schulz

Gestalt Counseling - Reduces Anxiety After Failed to Move On (Article)

Eko Rian Aryanto, Suwarjo Suwarjo and Dwi Setia Kurniawan

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