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Emotions are a crucial part of human life. Much has been said about them in the last hundred years, with the advances in psychology. However, it is necessary to see them as parts of a whole, forming a synergy with the body and thoughts. We present to you our excellent collection of the best bioenergetics books in PDF format, where you can delve into the subject of emotions and their reflection in the body.

Several studies have shown that most ailments and diseases have an important emotional root. After the development of these physical pathologies, emotions also influence the recovery and effectiveness of treatments in patients. However, they are not always managed in the best way, causing even more difficulties. In our bioenergetics books you will find a lot of relevant content about emotional states and their impact on the body.

Bioenergetics is an alternative therapy that seeks out areas of tension in the body in order to dissolve them so that the body can find its energetic balance again. For this discipline, body tension is the accumulation of unexpressed emotions. This generates blockages that give rise, over time, to different types of diseases. The idea of bioenergetics is to affect the root of the problem, before somatization occurs.

It is in great demand for the treatment of emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, panic, phobias or depression. These are often the root cause of physical ailments. The idea is not to treat the physical symptoms, but to go to the root of the emotional blockage. The reason is that many life events can intensely affect a person, even if they do not remember them. Bioenergetics seeks to work with the energy that got stuck due to emotional trauma.

In our more than 20 books on bioenergetics in PDF format, you can learn much more about this incredible alternative therapy that deserves to be studied by followers of the unconventional.

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Here we present our complete selection of Bioenergetics books:

1) Bioenergetics

Autor: Kevin Clark

Fuente: UMass Lowell

2) Bioenergetics

Autor: ASBMB American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Fuente: National Yang-Ming University

3) Chapter 6 Bioenergetics

Autor: King Abdulaziz University

Fuente: King Abdulaziz University

4) Thermodynamics and Bioenergetics

Autor: Yasar Demirel

Fuente: Core

5) Bioenergetics and Metabolism (Presentation)

Autor: B. Balen

Fuente: University of Zagreb

6) Chapter 3 Bioenergetics (Presentation)

Autor: Academia Sinica Website

Fuente: Academia Sinica Website

7) Introduction to Bioenergetics (Presentation)

Autor: The University of Texas at Austin

Fuente: The University of Texas at Austin

8) II. Bioenergetics (Presentation)

Autor: University of Lethbridge

Fuente: University of Lethbridge

9) Bioenergetics (Presentation)

Autor: Al-Nahrain University

Fuente: Al-Nahrain University

10) Bioenergetics – Photosynthesis and Respiration (Presentation)

Autor: Ringgold School District

Fuente: Ringgold School District

11) Fish Bioenergetics Introduction

Autor: Dan Galeriu

Fuente: International Atomic Energy Agency


12) Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Turnover during Chronic Muscle Disuse

Autor: Jonathan M. Memme, Mikhaela Slavin, Neushaw Moradi

Fuente: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

13) Microbial Energy Metabolism

Autor: Alexander Galkin

Fuente: Queen’s University Belfast

14) Fish Bioenergetics 4.0: An R-Based Modeling Application

Autor: David Deslauriers, Steven R. Chipps, James E. Breck

Fuente: University of Michigan

15) Bioenergetics

Autor: Dr Sumanta Mondal

Fuente: ResearchGate

16) Bioenergetics and Life’s Origins

Autor: David Deamer and Arthur L. Weber

Fuente: NASA.gov

17) Metabolism-Intro & bioenergetics (Presentation) (Article)

Autor: University of Windsor

Fuente: University of Windsor

18) Bioenergetics (Article)

Autor: Cephas Ajak Awan

Fuente: ResearchGate

19) Bioenergetics (Article)

Autor: California State University, Northridge

Fuente: California State University, Northridge

20) Bioenergetics (Article)

Autor: Dr. Robert Robergs

Fuente: New Mexico’s Flagship University

21) Basic Principles of Bioenergetics (Article)

Autor: Lalit Narayan Mithila University

Fuente: Lalit Narayan Mithila University

22) What is microbial bioenergetics? (Article)

Autor: Christina Smeaton

Fuente: University of Waterloo

Here ends our selection of free Bioenergetics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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