20+ Books on Addictions for Free! [PDF]

We present this important selection of books on addictions in PDF format, where you will find relevant information on this type of disease that is accompanied by different problems and, sometimes, mental pathologies.

An addiction is a problem in itself, but it also triggers a series of consequences that can affect the patient’s environment. Therefore, it can become a real social and public health scourge. Learn much more with this compendium of addiction books we have created for you.

Addiction is a pathology or chronic disease that occurs at the brain level. People suffering from addictions seek relief through the consumption of substances or behaviors that produce that sensation.

The best treatments known to date for healing and preventing addictions from getting out of control are individual or group psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, support groups, and couple and family therapies, among others.

Discover much more of this interesting subject with our selection of over 20 addiction books in PDF format and download as many as you want easily and free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Books on Addictions:

The christian family guide for addiction & recovery

Robert T. Tucker & Stephanie A. Tucker

Spirituality and Addiction

Bernadette Flanagan and Noelia Molina

Christianity and the treatment of addiction-an ecological approach for social workers

Jason Pittman and Scott W. Taylor

Christian Healing And Addictions Recovery-Theological And Practical Perspectives

Charles Ringma

What does the bible say about addictions

Chuck Smith

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction (Presentation)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Children Impacted By Addiction-A Toolkit For Educators

National Association for Children of Addiction

Addict In The Family

Dr. Andrew Byrne

The social impact of drug abuse


Protecting Children in Substance-Abusing Families

Vickie Kropenske and Judy Howard

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction: Prevention and Intervention With Children of Alcoholics (Article)

Ann W. Price And James G. Emshoff

Breaking Bad: Breaking Television’S Limited Representations Of Addiction

Michael Allan Jones

Alcohol and harm reduction an innovative approach for countries in transition

Ernst Buning, Mônica Gorgulho, Ana Glória Melcop and Pat O’Hare

Treatment approaches toalcohol problems

Nick Heather

Principles of drug addiction treatment

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Addictions & Recovery

Trillium Resources

Food Addiction Problems in College Students

Sónia Gonçalves, Sílvia Félix, Filipa Martins, Olívia Lapenta, Bárbara C. Machado and Eva M. Conceição

Food Addiction and Eating Addiction (Article)

Adrian Carter, Charlotte A. Hardman and Tracy Burrows

Food Addiction: Process Addiction or Substance Use Disorder (Presentation)


The Origins of Addiction

Vincent J. Felitti, MD

The deep evolutionary roots of ‘addiction’ (Article)

Moira J van Staaden, F Scott Hall and Robert Huber

Drug use and addiction: evolutionary perspective (Article)

Russil Durrant, Simon Adamson, Fraser Todd, Doug Sellman

Studying the Natural History of Drug Use

Yih-Ing Hser, Douglas Longshore, Mary-Lynn Brecht and M. Douglas Anglin

Here ends our selection of free Books on Addictions in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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