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In our virtual library, you will find a wide variety of personal development topics. On this occasion, we present a selection of books on resilience in PDF format, which we know will be very useful for our community interested in personal development.

Resilience is a topic that has been heard frequently in recent years as people are more interested in coping with the stress levels involved in modern life. But there is also a strong desire to live healthily.

Nowadays, it is understood that health goes far beyond having a physical body in good condition but also have a mental and spiritual state in balance and harmony. This is the only way to feel complete.

Resilience is precisely the capacity we have to overcome difficulties and transcend them. Understanding that problems are learning challenges and that they can be solved if we are willing to do so.

Find out more about this necessary topic to develop emotional strength and discover our collection of more than 40 resilience books in PDF format and download them for free.

Books on Resilience

Emotional Resilience

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Handbook of activities that promote resilience


Road map to community resilience

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The development of resilience - A model

Ali Maginness

The Resilience Concept: From its historical roots to theoretical framework for critical infrastructure design

Stefan Gößling-Reisemann, Hans Dieter Hellige, Pablo Thier

Building resilience in children aged 0–12

Beyond Blue

Resilience: Theory and Applications

L. Carlson, G. Bassett, W. Buehring

Youth thrive: promoting youth resilience

Jean Carpenter-Williams

Building community resilience

Centre for Liveable Cities

Emotional and personal resilience through life

Kate M. Bennett

Building resilience in young people

ReachOut Schools

Building Resilience in Young Children

Best Start

Apprehending the Concept of Resilience: A Psychological Perspective on Resilience in Daily Life

Abigail Yang

The Relationship between Grit Personality and Resilience

Muhammad Syaril Anwar Mustaza, Faridah Mydin Kutty

Resilience at Work. A Framework for Coaching and Interventions

Kathryn McEwen

Emotional resilience & Self-reliance


Resilience and Well-Being

P.D. Harms, Lisa Brady, Dustin Wood

Building Emotional Resilience: Discussion Guide

Urban Alliance, Inc

Understanding and Building Resilience

Sharon M. Danes

Emotional Resilience. Patient Information

Kidney Care UK

How resilient are you? (Article)

Health Education England

What Is Resilience? (Article)

International Organization for Migration

The Road to Resilience (Article)

American Psychological Association

10 Ways to Build Resilience (Article)

American Psychological Association

Organizational Resilience

We all face adverse situations and require the ability to meet them, overcome them, and emerge stronger, including organizations and companies, this ability is known as organizational resilience.

Resilience has become a key element for the success and survival of companies in an increasingly changing and competitive world. 

A resilient company not only focuses on surviving but also on growing in difficult times. In the following materials, we offer you more information that can help you apply and/or enhance resilience in your business.

Business Resilience Standards


Business resilience 101 workbook

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

A guide to maintaining Business Resilience

KPMG International

Building Business Resilience

Brentwood Council

Building resilience into business strategy, management and reporting

PwC South Africa

Organisational Resilience. Good business guide

Organisational Resilience

Do it yourself. Career resilience


Organizational resilience

Howard Kerr

Resilience in Children

Teaching children to cope with difficulties means providing them with the necessary tools for their emotional and social development. We cannot avoid adversity, but we can help them develop resilience.

When we teach them to face difficulties, we help them to develop strengths that will allow them to achieve their goals and objectives, in the same way, children learn to have tolerance for frustration.

We have found materials and books that expand a little more information about resilience in children that can help you better understand the topic and some of them even provide you with tools that you can apply with your children.

Actions for Children and Youth Resilience



Ann S. Masten

Emotional Resilience. A Guide for Parents

Dr M Clubb

Recognizing Resilience in Children: A Review

Emily Smith Schafer

Building Resilience in Children - 20 Practical, Powerful Strategies (Article)

Karen Young

Resilience factsheet (Article)

Cumbria County Council

Building resilience in children (Article)

Be You

Digital Resilience

This type of resilience is developed in both individuals and organizations, as it is known as the ability to adapt and recover from adverse situations related to technology or the digital world.

In the digital world, this type of resilience includes the ability to cope with cyber-attacks, computer security problems, and failures in digital systems, among others.

If you want to know a little more about digital resilience, below you will find free materials in PDF format.

Digital Resilience: What You Can Do - Now

Ray A . Rothrock

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Digital Resilience


Digital Resilience Framework


Digital resilience in higher education

Martin Weller, Terry Anderson

What is digital resilience (Article)


Here ends our selection of free Books on Resilience in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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