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Mental disorders affect people’s lives like any physical illness. Their study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment are of vital importance to provide quality of life to patients.

In this selection of schizophrenia books you will find content of high scientific value, you can learn more about the disease and satisfy your research needs in the area of psychiatry or psychology.

Schizophrenia is known as a severe mental disorder that can lead to the patient’s incapacity, that is, the inability to function normally in everyday activities. People with schizophrenia suffer from an abnormal interpretation of reality and this can manifest itself through delusions, hallucinations and severe disturbances of thought and behavior.

The symptoms can be varied and usually appear in men around the age of 20 and at the beginning of this decade; in women, at the end of their 20s. In exceptional cases it may appear before these ages, in adolescence, for example. The most common symptoms are:

Hallucinations: the person sees and hears things that do not really exist, but that they live with total intensity.

Fantasies: the patient believes false things, such as being persecuted or harassed.

Disorganized speech and thinking: ideas cannot be organized in a coherent way and this is manifested in the speech.

Abnormal motor behavior: occurs when the patient becomes overly agitated, resists doing tasks, moves aimlessly, among other manifestations.

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Here we present our complete selection of Schizophrenia books:


Early Assessment and Support Alliance


Brown University

Schizophrenia in Children and Young People

Psychiatry in the Central Jutland Region

Schizophrenia Treatment and Referral Guide

South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Treating Schizophrenia

Psychiatry Online

Integrated treatment of schizophrenia

A C Altamura,A Fagiolini,S Galderisi

The Enigmatic Phenotype Relevant Signs and Symptoms in Schizophrenia

F W H M Wijers,W M A Verhoeven,S Tuinier

Criteria Schizophrenia

The Florida Center for Behavioral Health Improvements and Solutions

Early Identification of Psychosis A Primer

Ministry of Health Province of British Columbia

Psychosis and Schizophrenia Effects of Changes in Psychiatric Classifications on Clinical and Theoretical Approaches to Mental Illness

Tenorio Fernando

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis

Yulia Landa

Social Skills Training for People with Schizophrenia What Do We Train

Mar Rus Calafel, Jose Gutiérrez Maldonado,Joan Ribas Sabate

Schizophrenia and Assotiated Disorders (Presentation)

Judit Tolna

Schizophrenia (Article)

The National Institute of Mental Health

What is Schizophrenia (Article)

MIRECC CoE Veterans Affairs

Schizophrenia (Article)

Santa Barbara City College

Schizophrenia An Overview (Article)

Shahid Rasool,Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar,Zulfiqar Ali

Diagnosis Treatment Options and Costs of Schizophrenia (Article)

Mark Rosenberg

Neurodevelopmental Risk Factors in schizophrenia (Article)

MI Lobato,P Belmonte de Abreu,D Knijnik. B Teruchkin

The Epidemiology of Schizophrenia and Other Common Mental Health Disorders in the English speaking Caribbean (Article)

Frederick W Hickling

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