20+ Depression Books for Free! [PDF]

Mental disorders and pathologies are becoming more and more frequent in today’s society, according to data from the World Health Organization. On this occasion, we are interested that you can access information about this problem that affects the population through our depression books in PDF format.

Our selection of depression books will allow you to learn more about this mood disorder, identify its causes, its repercussions on physical and mental health, as well as the ways to approach it from a clinical and therapeutic point of view.

Depression is understood as a mental disorder that affects the mood and thinking of the sufferer. It is described as a deep sadness, despondency or discouragement. Commonly anyone can feel this way at some point in life and it is a state that usually lasts a short time.

The problem arises when this state of mind is prolonged over time and prevents the person from carrying out their daily activities normally. This is because depression is accompanied by physical and mental symptoms that are difficult to cope with, such as: negative thoughts (tormenting or devaluing), insomnia or excessive sleep, changes in appetite, apathy, loss of pleasure, inability to see the meaning of life, fatigue, among others.

In depression there are usually also alterations in brain chemistry that hinder a natural recovery. For this reason, clinical depression (a severe version of the disease) requires pharmacological and therapeutic treatment at the same time.

The most important health organizations in the world recommend that family members and patients suffering from this health condition seek help in hospitals or clinics, where professionals in the area, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, can address it with the appropriate treatments.

We invite you to take a look at this excellent selection of more than 20 books on depression in PDF format that we hope you will find useful.

Here we present our complete selection of Depression books:


Anxiety and Depression Association of America

National Institute of Mental Health Depression

The Official Site of The State of New Jersey

Depression Risk Preferences and Risk-Taking Behavior

Deborah A Cobb Clark,Sarah C Dahmann,Nathan Kettlewell

Prevention of Depression and Promotion of Resilience

Pim Cuijpers,Laura Shields Zeeman,Bethany Hipple Walters

Depression (Article)

National Institutes of Health

Depression During and After Pregnancy

Health Resources & Services Administration

Major Depressive Disorder (Article)

Brown University

Gender Differences in Depression and Anxiety Across the Adult Lifespan

Liana S Leach

Depression in older people

Ingrid Djukanovic

Adolescent Depression (Presentation)

Dr Abigail Schlesinger

Depression in Adolescence Implications for School Counsellors

Kenneth G Rice,Kenneth G Rice

The Contributing Factors to Adolescent Depression

Josie H Lee

Depression in Youth A Military Parents Guide through Transition

Military Child Education Coalition

The Relation Between Adolescent Depression and Interpersonal Trust

William Mellick

A Study of Resting State EEG Biomarkers for Depression Recognition

Shuting Sun, Jianxiu Li, Huayu Chen

Depression in Children and Adolescents Guidelines for School Practice

John E Desrochers,Gail Houck

All About Depression

The Mental Health Foundation

Depression An information guide

Christina Bartha, Carol Parker and Cathy Thomson



Teenage Depression

Private Healthcare

Depression: Parents’ Medication Guide

Graham J. Emslie, MD

What Families Need to Know about Adolescent Depression

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Here ends our selection of free Depression books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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