15+ Educational Psychology Books for Free! [PDF]

Education systems must rely on all relevant disciplines to succeed. When we talk about educational success, we mean that people can be educated comprehensively and make significant contributions to society. In our selection of educational psychology books in PDF format, you will find all the tools that this subdiscipline of psychology uses to contribute to the effective learning of people in the educational context.

Education should be a priority for all countries in the world, we know that this is not always the case, but to give it that fair relevance, professionals can fight from their areas of knowledge. If you are a student or professional in the educational or psychological area, you will be very interested in our collection of educational psychology books, because they will help you in the task of improving education.

Educational psychology studies the ways in which people learn at different stages of their lives. It asks what internal and external processes are involved when an individual succeeds in learning in the educational setting. The educational psychologist also monitors the didactic strategies used by the teacher in the classroom and provides suggestions to improve the teaching process.

This discipline is based on the different learning theories that have been developed over time. The psychologist actively participates in school plans and designs for the optimization of the educational process. In this sense, it is part of the structure of educational institutions and is a key player in providing relevant solutions to the context.

Get more involved in this topic by taking a look at our more than 15 books on educational psychology in PDF format. Whether you are a parent, educator, or psychologist, this is a topic that can provide you with valuable information as a researcher or simply as a person who plays a role in the teaching and learning process.

Here we present our complete selection of Educational Psychology books:

1) Educational Psychology

Kelvin Seifert

Source: Open Textbooks for Hong Kong

2) Educational Psychology

Kelvin Seifert and Rosemary Sutton

Source: University of Manitoba

3) Psycology of Learning

Mumbai University

Source: Mumbai University

4) Advance Educational Psychology

Utkal University

Source: Utkal University

5) Educational Psychology A Contemporary Approach

The University of Texas at Austin

Source: The University of Texas at Austin

6) Standards for the accreditation of Doctoral programmes in educational psychology in England, Northern Ireland & Wales

The British Psychological Society

Source: British Psychological Society

7) Application of Psychology to Educational Field

Amit Shekhar

Source: Numerons

8) Education Paper - II, Educational Psychology


Source: Himgiri Zee University

9) Top 20 Principles from Psychology for Prek-12 Teaching and Learning

Joan Lucariello, Sandra Graham and Bonnie Nastasi

Source: American Psychological Association

10) Module 2.2 Educational Psychology

Lynne Hill

Source: Department of Education

11) Educational Psychology: An Integrated Approach To Classroom Decisions

Thomas Fetsco and John McClure

Source: Pearson

12) Educational Psychology for Effective Teaching

Kenneth Henson and Ben Eller's Educational Psychology

Source: KendallHunt

13) Educational Psychology as a foundation in Teacher Education: Reforming an old Notion

Penelope L. Peterson, Christopher M. Clark, and W. Patrick Dickson

Source: Michigan State University

14) Unit 1: Introduction to Educational Psychology

Delhi University

Source: Delhi University

15) Educational and Psychological Research Methods

Alice C. Mello Cavallo

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

16) Mixed Methods in Educational Psychology Inquiry

Matthew Mccrudden, Gwen Marchand, Paul A. Schutz

Source: ResearchGate

17) Educational Psychology (Article)

Development of e-Course for B.Sc

Source: Development of e-Course for B.Sc

18) The Role of Educational Psychology in Teacher Education Programs (Article)

Akbar Soleiman Nezhad, Majid Vahedi b

Source: ResearchGate

19) Educational Psychology: Helping children and young people achieve their potential (Article)

Perth and Kinross Council

Source: Perth and Kinross Council

20) Educational Psychology (Article)

Dr.Sunil Patil

Source: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences University

Here ends our selection of free Educational Psychology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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