15+ Emotion Books for Free! [PDF]

We present to you our fabulous collection of books about emotions in PDF format. As you can see, humans are multidimensional beings, and one of these dimensions is related to the emotional. Undoubtedly, this is a very relevant aspect that determines the physiology, psychology and behavior of people.

Emotions are changes of great intensity and short duration in a person’s mood. With our selection of books on emotions you will learn how they work and the best way to manage them so that they become great allies and not your enemies. 

But what are emotions? In their most basic definition, we could say that they are a set of physiological, psychological and behavioral reactions with which the organism responds to certain external stimuli. This allows us to adapt successfully to certain situations and people. If it were not for emotions, we would not be able to act in the face of danger, protect our children, achieve our goals, fall in love, among many other circumstances in life.

Emotions can be classified as primary and secondary. The first are those that we have naturally or innately and with which we react to a stimulus. Among them we can mention joy, fear, sadness, anger, surprise and disgust or aversion. Secondary emotions are those that have a less apparent physiological discharge, and that occur after a primary emotion, among them are: guilt, pride, shame, anxiety, jealousy, among others.

Another classification could be that of positive and negative emotions, the former being pleasant and the latter unpleasant. Although this classification is not accepted by all experts on the subject, we believe it is important to include it.

Check out our collection of more than 15 emotion books in PDF format and start exploring this important topic that we should all study in depth.

Here we present our complete selection of Emotion books:

1) The Science of Emotion Exploring the Basics of Emotional Psychology

University of West Alabama Online

2) Positive Emotions Broaden and Build

Barbara L Fredrickson

3) Calming Your Emotions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This way up

4) Emotion Regulation Managing Emotions

Mood Cafe

5) Positive and Negative Affect During a Pandemic Mediating Role of Emotional Regulation Strategies

Ahmet Kara,Ayse Gok

6) The Influence of Emotion on Trust

Dan Myers,Dustin Tingley

7) Basic Emotions Complex Emotions Machiavellian Emotions

Paul E Griffiths

8) Identifying Emotions from Walking Using Affective and Deep Features

Tanmay Randhavane,Uttaran Bhattacharya,Kyra Kapsaskis

9) Introduction to Emotion Basic Emotions and Concept of Emotions


10) Emotion (Article)

Kultegin Ogel

11) Personality and Emotion Regulation Strategies (Article)

Esti Hayu Purnamaningsih

12) Emotion (Article)

Richard H Hall

13) Feelings Emotions and Wertnehmungen

John J Drummond

14) Teaching Your Child to Identify and Express Emotions (Article)

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

15) Vocabulary of Emotions Feelings (Article)

Writing Learning Stories Tom Drummond

16) The Role of Positive Emotion and Contributions of Positive Psychology in Depression Treatment Systematic Review

Veruska Santos,Flavia Paes,Valeska Pereira

17) Emotions and Moods

Higher Education Pearson

18) Character Traits and Feelings Positive and Negative (Article)

Northern York County Homepage

Here ends our selection of free Emotion books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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