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The study and analysis of handwriting is interesting if you know how to take advantage of the information it provides.

If you are interested in knowing psychological and emotional aspects of a person through their handwriting, then you should start by consulting our collection of graphology books in PDF format, totally free and in the public domain.

Handwriting is a very personal trait of each individual, and in the light of this discipline, it can offer a lot of data that at first glance or superficially we cannot get. With this compendium of graphology books in PDF format you can learn its fundamental principles and then apply its techniques.

Graphology is nowadays considered a pseudoscience. As is always the case with this type of discipline, there does not seem to be enough scientific evidence to support the information that is extracted from the analysis of a person’s handwriting.

However, it continues to be a practice that is carried out in different areas, such as in companies, when hiring personnel and in the educational field to evaluate certain academic aspects.

Graphology can be defined as the technique through which aspects of a person’s personality and character can be discovered by analyzing their handwriting.

Graphologists are in charge of this study and focus on elements such as: the size of the letter, the upper and lower strokes, the inclination of the letters, the direction of the stroke, the pressure exerted on the pencil and the margins of the sheet.

To illustrate it a little, let’s look at some examples: from a small handwriting we can conclude that the person may be introverted and delicate in dealing with others; on the other hand, if the handwriting is slanted to the right, they may be a communicative person.

Do you want to know more about this interesting subject? Download the more than 10 graphology books in PDF format, which are waiting for you to download to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Graphology books:

Graphological Analysis A Potential Psychodiagnostic Investigative Method for Deception Detection

Michelle R Doscher

Identifying Personality Traits, and Especially Traits Resulting in Violent Behavior through Automatic Handwriting Analysis (Article)

Janet Fisher,Anish Maredia,Anita Nixon

Handwriting Analysis Dictionary

Aurobindo Dharsaun WordPress

Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) (Presentation)

Daniela Cardenas

Graphoanalysis The What Why Who How and Where is it Going in Terms of Its Use in Business Decisions (Article)

Dr Melody Waller LaPreze

Identification of Writers Gender using Handwriting Analysis

Lamis Nader,Arafa Mohamed,Muhammad Nazir

How Widespread is Graphology in Personnel Selection Practice A case study of a job market myth (Article)

Adrian Bangerter, Cornelius J Ko,Sandrine Blatti

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis (Presentation)

Wardisianis Class

Handwriting Analysis (Article)

Get in touch Alice Little

Handwriting an instrument of understanding and empathy

Simona Esposito

The Graphology Applied to Signature Verification (Article)

Luiz S Oliveira,Edson Justino,Cinthia Freitas

The Application of Graphology and Enneagram Techniques in Determining Personality Type Based on Handwriting Features (Article)

Jl Kyai Tapa,Jakarta Barat

Identification of Personality Trait by Handwriting Analysis Using SVM Classifier

Syeda Asra,Dr Shubhangi

Graphological Analysis of Handwritten Text Documents for Human Resources Recruitment

Ricard Coll, Alicia Forn´es, Josep Llad´os

Here ends our selection of free Graphology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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