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Crime is a phenomenon that affects all societies. Its origin and consequences are complex to study, but someone has to do it. In fact, there is something very positive in studying criminal behavior, since the causes can be addressed in order to tackle the problem from different areas and thus be able to combat it. Consequently, it seems relevant to us to have in our library books on criminal psychology in PDF format, which will enlighten researchers on this topic.

In criminology, on the one hand, legal factors and, on the other hand, psychological factors are addressed. In our collection of books on criminal psychology, you will be able to study the elements involved in criminal behavior. All our titles in this compendium are free to download.

Then, as we mentioned at the beginning, this subdiscipline of psychology is in charge of studying criminal behavior and all the factors that surround that phenomenon. It focuses not only on studying the people who commit crimes, but also the behavioral patterns of the victims. All with the aim of understanding the phenomenon as a whole.

Generally, when approaching a criminal mind, three key factors are taken into account in the development of criminality: genetic, environmental and social factors. The first refers to all those characteristics that are natural to the individual and predispose him or her to behave in a certain way.

Environmental factors refer to how the offender’s childhood and adolescence developed, his or her most intimate and familiar environment. And finally, although not in order of importance, social factors refer to the environment on a broader scale, such as social relationships outside the home.

You cannot miss our more than 15 books on criminal psychology in PDF format, a discipline of great social relevance and that needs professionals willing to face in a scientific way the phenomenon of criminality and its consequences.

Here we present our complete selection of Criminal Psychology books:

Criminal Psychology Key Research Guide


Journal of Criminal Psychology

Nottingham Trent Universit

A Psychoanalytic View of the Psychopath

J. Reid Meloy

Criminal Psychology

Focus Awards

Psychological Factors Underlying Criminal Behavior

Melitta Schmideberg

Do Criminal Minds Cause Crime? Neuroscience and the Physicalism Dilemma

John A. Humbach

Introduction: Psychology and Crime

INFLIBNET Centre Gandhinagar

Research in Criminal Psychology

Carl B. Clements & Tess M.S. Neal

The Empathic Brain of Pychopaths from Social Science to Neuroscience in Empathy

Josanne D. M. van Dongen

The Psychopathology of Psychopaths

Jérôme Englebert

Development of Criminal Psychology and the Influencing Factors of Contemporary Criminal Law

Qinyao Yu

The Psychology of Criminal Conduct

Santiago Redondo Illescas y Antonio Andrés Pueyo

How to spot a psychopath. Lay Theories of Psychopathy

Adrian Furnham, Yasmine Daoud, Viren Swami

On the Brain: The Criminal Mind (Article)

Scott Edwards

Criminal Psychology (Article)

Rahesha Sehgal & Udit Malik

Introduction to Criminal Psychology (Article)

Online Learning

Criminal Minds: Neuromodulation of the Psychopathic Brain (Article)

Sergio Canavero

Criminal Psychology

Hans Gross, J.U.D.

Here ends our selection of free Criminal Psychology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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