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Violent behavior is a problem that societies have always dealt with and never seem to stop dealing with. When this violence affects vulnerable populations it becomes an even greater risk to any community. We make this collection of books on bullying in PDF format available to our community, so that you can approach these cases in a methodical way.

In recent decades, bullying has seriously affected children and young people, as well as the rest of the actors in the educational community, giving rise to regrettable cases that have even led to the death of those whose physical, mental and emotional health has been violated. With this selection of books on bullying we intend to contribute a little bit for an effective intervention aimed at solving the problem.

Bullying is understood as an abusive, violent and intimidating behavior carried out physically, verbally or psychologically between children and adolescents, generally in the school environment.

The mistreatment that occurs in bullying is systematic, continuous and intentional with the firm purpose of diminishing and hindering the performance of the victim. It is also a power dynamic, since the bullied is usually someone who is unsure of themself, has low self-esteem and is weak when it comes to defending themself. This allows the bully to place themself in a position of superiority by force.

Bullying usually increases in intensity until it seriously affects the child or adolescent. In turn, there may be different types of bullying, among which we can mention:

  • Physical bullying: This involves hitting, kicking or any type of aggression towards the body and is usually the most common at school.
  • Verbal bullying: Language is used in an offensive and discriminatory way, in the form of teasing, insults, gossip and verbal humiliation.
  • Social bullying: It involves strategies to isolate the bullied, through social, economic discrimination or indifference.
  • Cyberbullying: Occurs through social networks, the propagation of false or threatening messages spread rapidly.

Find out much more about this important topic with our more than 15 books on bullying in PDF format and download them here for free.

Here we present our complete selection of Books on Bullying:

Bullying in School Prevalence Contributing Factors and Interventions

Valerie L Marsh

Bullying and Mental Health Guidance for Teachers and Other Professionals

Anti Bullying Alliance

Bullying What It is and How to Help Your Child

Private School Affidavit

A Critical Review of Literature Understanding Bullying Behaviors of Children

Stacey Baier

Causes and Consequences of Bullying

Molly Maloney

A Study of Personal and Environmental Factors Influencing Bullying

Su Jeong Kim

A Systematic Review of Bullying Prevention Programs in Schools

Ashley R Lanigan

The Impact of Personality Traits and Physical Punishment on Bullying

Jessica Hallstrom,Therese Olsson

What Characteristics of Bullying Bullying Victims and Schools are Associated with Increased Reporting of Bullying to School Officials

Anthony Petrosino,Sarah Guckenburg,Jill DeVoe

Influence of Peer Bullying on Student Engagement in School Activities the Case of Secondary Schools in Laikipia County Kenya

Andama Edwin Ombasa

Bullying (Presentation)

City of Winston Salem NC

The 3 Rs for Bullying Prevention Recognize Respond and Report (Article)

Lori Ernsperger

Bullying (Article)

Jina S Yoon,Karen Kerber

Bullying at School Recommendations for Teachers and Parents (Article)

School of Education University of Delaware

Bullying and its Effect on Mental Wellbeing of the Students A Case Study in Two Different Schools (Article)

Uswah Bokhari,Uswah Shoaib,Farhat Ijaz

What Makes Bullying Happen in School Reviewing Contextual Characteristics Surrounding Individual and Intervention Programs on Bullying (Article)

Jung Youn Ah

Types of Bullying in the Senior High Schhools in Ghana (Article)

Kwasi Otopa Antiri

Causes of Bullying in Boarding High Schools in Zimbabwe (Article)

Kudenga Mugove

Here ends our selection of free Books on Bullying in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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