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Adolescence is one of the most complex stages of human beings. You go through a series of changes that can be overwhelming if not handled naturally and healthily. For those who wish to specialize in this stage, we bring this selection of adolescent psychology books in PDF format.

Adolescents do not have to go through this phase in a traumatic way. The idea is to enjoy it like any other, but to achieve this, it may be necessary to be accompanied, especially if they are having major problems.

Psychology for adolescents is an area that deals with mental health treatment for people between the ages of 12 and 18. At this stage, relevant behavioral problems may arise, as well as attention problems, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, among many others.

The adolescent population is particularly sensitive to the changes that occur, not only in their bodies, but also in their psyche and in what is related to the social environment. For this reason, they are very susceptible to experiences that threaten their own health and well-being.

Check out this collection of more than 15 adolescent psychology books in PDF format and download the ones you prefer for free and very fast from this section of our virtual library.

Adolescent Psychology Books in PDF

Mental health and physical activity among adolescents

Jenny Veitch, Clare Hume, Anna Timperio and others

Developing Adolescents

American Psychological Association

Childhood And Adolescent Psychology

Dr. Dominic U. Ngwoke

Depression Among Adolescents And Young Adults– Social And Gender Differences

Therese Wirback

Mental health problems among adolescents

Marie Dahlen Granrud

Understanding-Depression In Children And Adolescents

Junette Ranttila, Trishna Shrestha

Self and Others in Adolescence

Eveline A. Crone and Andrew J. Fuligni

Adolescence and Academic Well-being: Parents, Teachers, and Students’ Perceptions

Kiran Hashmi

Depression in Adolescence-Implications for School Counsellors

Kenneth G. Rice, Nancy Leffert

Psychology of Adolescence-A Scandinavian Perspective

Lars Rossen, Carla Caetano, Ph.D

The Mental Health of Adolescents A National Profile, 2008

David K nopf, M. Jane Park , & Tina Paul Mulye

Effectiveness of psychological interventions for child and adolescent specific anxiety disorders

Teresa Galán-Luque, Marina Serrano-Ortiz, & Mireia Orgilés

A Study of Psychological Well-being of Adolescents in Relation to School Environment and Place of living (Article)

Bilal Ahmad Bhat

Anxiety and Depression Signs Among Adolescents in 26 Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Article)

Filipa de Castro, Claudia Cappa, and Jennifer Madans

Adolescent Psychosocial, Social, and Cognitive Development (Article)

Renata Arrington Sanders

Adolescent Mental Health: Time For Action (Article)


Adolescent mental health in the European Region (Article)


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