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For all our readers who want to learn more about the branch of psychology that focuses on pleasant experiences, we have put together a comprehensive collection of positive psychology books.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive experiences, encompassing the characteristics of individuals, as well as the entities and programs that enhance their quality of life. 

Furthermore, this branch of psychology works to prevent or minimize the development of psychopathology, while also focusing on the virtues and strengths of individuals to gain a better perspective on human potential.

One of the significant contributions of this scientific study is the establishment that happiness or well-being is considerably stable in individuals.

To delve into the details of this intriguing topic, we invite you to explore our collection of over 30 materials, including books and articles on positive psychology, available in PDF format.

Positive Psychology books

Basic concepts in positive psychology

Nagy Henriett and Gyurkovics Máté

Positive Psychology

Leema Thomas

Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology

Naresh Tambe

Ethical guidelines for positive psychology practice

Aaron Jarden, Tayyab Rashid, Annalise Roache and Tim Lomas

Introduction To Positive Psychology


Positive psychology interventions - a meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies

Linda Bolier, Merel Haverman and others

The Role of Positive Emotion and Contributions of Positive Psychology in Depression Treatment

Veruska Santos, Flavia Paes and others

Positive Psychology and Healthy Lifestyles for Health and Happiness

Liana Lianov

Books on Happiness and Well-being in Positive Psychology

Happiness and well-being are two fundamental aspects of people’s lives, and Positive Psychology offers us a unique perspective to understand their intrinsic relationship.

Through its principles, Positive Psychology teaches us that happiness is not a passive state, but a skill that we can cultivate and enhance.

By adopting a positive mindset and focusing on our strengths, we can foster lasting happiness and overall well-being. Dive deeper into this topic with the following free books and articles on Happiness and Well-being in Positive Psychology.

Move From Surviving to Thriving - The Positive Psychology

Bruce W. Smith

Happiness and well-being at work - A special issue introduction (Article)

Alfredo Rodríguez-Muñoza and Ana I. Sanz-Vergel

Positive Psychology Three Good Things in Life

Andrew W. Fleming

The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect - Does Happiness Lead to Success

Sonja Lyubomirsky y Laura King

A critical analysis of happiness and well-being. - Where we stand now, where we need to go

Caterina Arcidiacono and Salvatore Di Martino

Happiness at Work - A Psychological Perspective

Nishi Misra and Shobhna Srivastava

The latin-american view of positive psychology

Alejandro Castro-Solano and María Laura Lupano-Perugini

What is Positive Psychology (Article)


Positive psychology - gratitude and its role within mental health nursing

Jan Macfarlane

The Science of Gratitude

Summer Allen

Articles on Optimism and Positive Thinking

Optimism and positive thinking are two key elements in Positive Psychology, a discipline that focuses on studying and promoting positive aspects of the human experience.

Optimism allows us to face challenges with resilience, see opportunities in difficulties, and maintain a hopeful attitude towards the future.

In conclusion, Positive Psychology reveals the close relationship between optimism, positive thinking, and our overall well-being. Learn more with the following free articles on optimism and positive thinking.

The role of optimism for mental well-being in a positive psychology intervention

Jan Klösters


Charles S. Carver

Optimism And Hope


Positive Thinking - Optimism and Gratitude


Positive Psychology - Optimism (Article)


10 Habits to Maintain a Positive Mindset (Article)


Resilience Books

Resilience, the ability to adapt and overcome adversity, finds an ally in Positive Psychology. This discipline teaches us that resilience is not just the ability to withstand, but also to grow and thrive despite challenging circumstances.

Positive Psychology provides us with tools and approaches to strengthen our resilience, helping us face life’s challenges with a positive and constructive attitude.

We invite you to explore our complete section of free resilience books, where you will find valuable resources based on the principles of Positive Psychology.

Self Improvement Books

Self improvement is a journey of self-discovery and growth, and Positive Psychology provides us with powerful tools to navigate that path successfully.

This discipline teaches us that personal development is not just about facing challenges but also about cultivating a positive and constructive mindset.

We invite you to explore our complete section of free self improvement books. Discover how to cultivate a positive mindset, enhance your strengths, and create a life full of meaning and success.

Mindfulness Books

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology are two complementary approaches that invite us to live in the present moment and cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

Mindfulness, a practice based on mindful attention, helps us become aware of our present experiences without judgment, allowing us to appreciate and savor each moment.

Mindfulness provides us with the ability to observe our thoughts and emotions objectively, which helps us develop greater self-awareness and respond consciously instead of reacting automatically. We invite you to explore our complete section of free mindfulness books.

Articles on Positive Relationships and Social Connection

Positive relationships and social connection play a fundamental role in our happiness and well-being. Positive Psychology teaches us that our interactions and bonds with others have a significant impact on our lives.

By cultivating positive relationships and fostering social connection, we can strengthen our emotional health and experience a greater sense of belonging and satisfaction in our lives.

Positive Psychology provides us with tools and strategies to nurture our relationships and promote social connection. Learn more with the following free articles on positive relationships and social connection.

Building empathy - through psychological interventions

Erika Weisz

Learning Healthy Relationships

Sue Roffey

Social Connectedness and Flourishing - The Mediating Role of Hopelessness

Bahtiyar Eraslan-Capan

Positive psychology techniques - random acts of kindness and consistent acts of kindness and empathy

Jonathan Passmore & Lindsay G. Oades

Empathy and emotional intelligence - What is it really about (Article)

Ioannidou F and Konstantikaki V

Articles on Positive Psychology in Business and Organizations

If you’re interested in applying the psychological branch that focuses on the efficient and effective functioning of individuals in businesses, the following books on Positive Psychology in Business and Organizations are for you.

Positive psychology in businesses aims to create plans and strategies that facilitate optimal performance of employees, effective management of psychosocial well-being, and the development of healthy businesses.

To give you the opportunity to study and understand this topic of great interest and utility, we invite you to enjoy the following free articles in PDF format.

Promoting Work–Family Balance Through Positive Psychology - A Practical Review of the Literature

Valerie J. Morganson and others

Positive Psychology and Career Development

Michelle Aulthouse

Positive Psychology at Work - Mutual Gains for Individuals and Organizations

Raquel Rodríguez-Carvajal and others

Professionalising positive psychology - Developing guidelines for training and regulation

Tim Lomas and Itai Ivtzan

Stress management interventions - Improving subjective psychological well-being in the workplace

Holman, D., Johnson

Articles on Positive Psychology in Education

For those of you seeking to learn more about highly effective educational methodologies, we have gathered free articles on Positive Psychology in Education.

Educators have expanded their role to significantly influence the emotional well-being of their students, focusing on highlighting and strengthening their virtues, for their own benefit as well as that of society.

In the following texts, you will discover how to provide students with an uplifting and enjoyable learning experience.

Positive education - positive psychology and classroom interventions

Martin E. P. Seligman and others

Why won’t it Stick - Positive Psychology and Positive Education

Mathew A. White

The Impact of Positive Psychology on Higher Education

Noël Williams, Leah Horrell, Dawn Edmiston and Mackenzie Brady

Emotional Intelligence – How do we motivate our students (Article)

Catalina RADU

Here ends our selection of free Positive Psychology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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