5+ Logotherapy books for Free! [PDF]

In difficult moments of life, probably, you have asked yourself questions like, “What does life or being alive mean?” or “Why did we come to this world?” It is because you are looking for meaning. This is what our collection of logotherapy books in PDF format is all about. It is a type of psychotherapy focused, precisely, on the meaning of life.

It was developed by the Austrian psychiatrist, neurologist, and philosopher Viktor Frankl, who was a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps between 1942 and 1945. During that time Frankl managed to survive, among other things, because he found the strength to find meaning in everything he was living and in the life that awaited him when he came out of that nightmare.

So, logotherapy is a psychotherapy and existential analysis that helps people to find meaning in their lives. Faced with painful situations, it is easier to overcome the challenges that arise if we have the opportunity to value life. 

Logotherapy proposes that the will of sense is a primary need in the human being. This is more noticeable in limited situations that seem insurmountable. In this sense, Viktor Frankl affirms that it is not enough to wonder about the meaning of life but to find it in the experience itself.

Explore this incredible selection of more than 5 logotherapy books in PDF format and deepen in its postulates. Remember that you can download them for free in this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Logotherapy Books:

Your search for a meaningful life book one

Jard & Roberta de Ville, Jard Howard & Dee De Ville

The State of Empirical Research on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Michael Thir and Alexander Batthyány

Spirituality in Logotherapy

Nesrullah Okan, Halil Eksi

The evolutionar olutionary basis of logother y basis of logotherapy

Edward J. Calabrese

Effectiveness of Logotherapy Training on Self-Esteem

Faten Hasan Alam, Esmat Elsayed Ibrahim, Sabah H. El-Amrosy

The Spirit of Logotherapy

Stephen J. Costello

Logotherapy (Article)

Paul T. P. Wong

The effect of logotherapy on depression in cancer patients (Article)

A. Jafari Koulaee, F. Khenarinezhad, M. Abutalebi, M. Bagheri-Nesami

Logo Therapy (Article)

Ms. Rajeswari. H

Applied Logotherapy

Stephen J. Costello

Here ends our selection of free Logotherapy Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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