25+ Books about Loneliness for Free! [PDF]

Although it may seem obvious, solitude is synonymous with isolation. Many reasons cause a state of loneliness. Fear and depression are some of the most common. Want to explore this concept from a psychological point of view? Check out our books about loneliness in PDF format.

One of the great human questions is whether loneliness is appropriate or totally pessimistic. We are sure that feeling “alone” is wrong, but it is also valuable to enjoy our company.

While loneliness can cause depression or vice versa, others see loneliness as a possibility for personal and spiritual growth. Indeed, many renowned philosophers and thinkers recommend leading a life away from all distractions to acquire discipline and achieve true excellence. 

Many writers write in solitude, but many people have lost their lives as a result of isolation. Psychology says that being alone gives us the possibility to know ourselves, rediscover ourselves, and set life goals accordingly.

If you have come this far, you are likely looking for information on the subject that will allow you to broaden your criteria regarding loneliness. Well, you will be happy to know that you have at your disposal more than 25 books that talk about loneliness in PDF format to achieve this.

Here we present our complete selection of Books about Loneliness:

1) Cultures of Solitude. Loneliness, Limitation, Liberation

Ina Bergmann, Stefan Hippler

2) The Expressions of Being Alone (workbook)

Dr. Jade-isis Lefebvre, Debora Rabinovich

3) The Psychology of Loneliness

Campaign to End Loneliness

4) How to be alone (but not lonely)

Life Squared

5) Understanding Loneliness and Social Isolation

National Institute on Aging

6) Combating loneliness. A guide for local authorities

Local Government Association

7) If you’re feeling lonely

Independent Age

8) Loneliness: a modern epidemic and the search for a cure

Healthwatch York

9) How to overcome feelings of loneliness (Presentation)

World Bank Group

10) Loneliness: an integrative approach

Lars Christian Sonderby, B.A.

11) Overcoming loneliness together

Population Health

12) Why Loneliness Interventions Are Unsuccessful: A Call for Precision Health

An Open Access Journal from Hapres

13) Loneliness in childhood

The Children's Society

14) Loneliness, suicide and young people

Samaritans' Media Guidelines

15) The Psychological Structure of Loneliness

Axel Seemann

16) Loneliness


17) Dealing With Loneliness


18) 15 loneliness tips for young people (Article)

Mental Health Foundation

19) A review of loneliness: Concepts and definitions, determinants and consequences (Article)

Jong-Gierveld, J.

20) Loneliness: A guide for teachers and education staf

Mental Health Foundation

21) Reducing Loneliness and Social Isolation among Older Adults (Article)

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

22) Self help guide to Loneliness and Isolation

NHS Health Trainers

23) A guide to managing feelings of loneliness (Article)

We Are Menzies

24) Supporting children and young people with loneliness (Article)


25) Preventing social isolation and loneliness among older people (Article)

Joanna Marczak, Raphael Wittenberg, Lorraine Frisina Doetter

26) Coping with loneliness (Article)

Canadian Mental Health Association

27) Loneliness & re-connection (Article)

University of Bath

Here ends our selection of free Books about Loneliness in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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