10+ Environmental Psychology books for Free! [PDF]

The human being is a biological, social, and cultural being. One of the factors that determine it, consequently, is its relationship with everything that surrounds it, apart from other people. If you are interested in this, please consult our selection of books on environmental psychology in PDF format.

In recent decades, we have become much more aware of our role in the environment and the importance of caring for our planet. That is why disciplines such as the one presented below, on the occasion of our collection of books on environmental psychology, have had a great boom.

Environmental psychology is the study of the relationship of human beings with their environment or surroundings. These environments can be natural or cultural. This is how it becomes an interdisciplinary science, focusing on all the variables involved in the interaction of people with their different environments at different stages.

This field of study could develop research that attempts to answer questions about how, for example, a polluted urban space influences the behavior of its inhabitants or, on the contrary, a natural environment free of pollution on the people who live in it.

Check out our selection of over 10 environmental psychology books in PDF format and download the ones you want for free to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Environmental Psychology Books:

Environmental psychology

Dr Gagandeep Kaur

Psychology and Global Climate Change

Janet Swim, Susan Clayton, Thomas Doherty and others

Environmental psychology; theory, methodology and research

Ellen R. Divers

Environmental psychology

Steg, Linda; van den Berg, Agnes E

The paradox of environmental psychology

Stokols, D

Environmental Psychology in Architecture and Urban Design (Article)

Hamid Reza Shojazadeh, Mehrvash Kazemi and Asad Allah Shafizadeh

Psychological benefits of nature experiences: an outline of research and theory

John Davis

Psychology and climate change (Article)

Susan Clayton

Environmental Psychology

Robert Gifford , Linda Steg , and Joseph P. Reser

Pursuing a Career in Climate and Environmental Psychology (Article)

American Psychological Association

Psychology of Environmental Protection

Karen Hamann, Anna Baumann, Daniel Löschinger

Environmental Psychology (Article)

University of Toronto

Environmental Psychology

Optimal Environments

The Psychology of Environmental Attitudes - Conceptual and Empirical Insights from New Zealand

Taciano L. Milfont

Here ends our selection of free Environmental Psychology Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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