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Humanistic psychology focuses on human qualities to develop theories and diagnoses in clinical practice. It is an interesting discipline that you will want to investigate through our collection of humanistic psychology PDF books. Our books are filled with relevant information and our library is carefully assembled so you can study all the topics of interest to you.

Learn about its origin, the main exponents and the theoretical bases of this branch of psychology that has had a great boom since the middle of the last century, until today. You will find all this in our books of humanistic psychology, available for immediate and free download.

Humanistic psychology is part of a current of thought that originated in the United States, around the 1960s, called Humanism. It arose as a reaction to the predominance of behaviorism and psychoanalysis, and to their limitations and determinism. It was opposed to animal experimentation to explain human behavior; it focused on the individual and its ideas to find solutions to the problems that patients brought to consultation.

Among its most prominent exponents are: Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Gordon Allport, Gardner Murphy, Henry Murray, Fritz Perls, Kirk Schneider, Louis Hoffman, among others. Humanistic psychology is governed by the following principles: There is no judgment by the therapist of what is being treated in the consultation, it generates empathy towards the patient, it does not pathologize or focus on the diagnosis but on what the patient manifests, promotes the expression of ideas and emotions, among others.

You can find this information and much more in our more than 20 books of humanistic psychology in PDF format. Our virtual library is ideal for your studies and research, since we handle only legal books, with their respective authorship. We hope you find everything you are looking for and wish you happy reading.

Here we present our complete selection of Humanistic Psychology books:

1) The Humanistic Psychology and Positive Psychology Connection: Implicationsfor Psychotherapy

Andrew M. Bland and Eugene Mario Derobertis

2) The Humanistic Psychologist

Eugene M. DeRobertis and Andrew M. Bland

3) Contributions of Humanistic Psychology to Positive Psychology

Arthur Warmoth, Stella Resnick, Ilene Serlin

4) Existential and Humanistic Theories

Paul T. P. Wong

5) Carl Rogers and Humanistic Education

The Sage of Asheville

6) Humanistic Psychology (the third-force)

Simply Psychology

7) Humanist, Behavioral and Sociocultural Personality Perspectives

Southside Psych with Mrs. Schlicht - APPsych

8) The Humanistic Approach

St Thomas More Catholic School & Sixth Form College

9) Humanistic Approach in Teaching Foreign Language (from the Teacher Perspective)

Qatip Arifi, PhD

10) Abraham Maslow

Dr.C.George Boeree

11) The Humanistic Psychology–Positive Psychology Divide

Alan S. Waterman

12) Unit 4 Humanistic and Self Theory (Maslow and Rogers)


13) Existential-Humanistic Psychology

Saybrook University

14) Abraham Maslow & HUmanistic Psychology (Presentation)

Damon Drew, M.Ed.CWC

15) A History of Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) of the American Psychological Association

Christopher M. Aanstoos, Ilene Serlin, Thomas Greening

16) On the Parallelism of the Humanistic Psychology of Abay Qunanbayuliand American Psychologists

Kulush K. Kenzhegalieva, Dinara S. Kakabaevaa, Ermek S. Nurumov

17) Humanism and individualism: Maslow and his critics (Article)

Elaine Pearson, Ronald Podeschi

18) Basic of Learning Theory (Behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism and humanism) (Article)


19) Humanistic Psychology: A Brief Outline of Historical and Cultural Background (Article)

Simply Psychology

20) Focus on the Self:Humanistic (Third-Force) Psychology (Article)

Weber State University

21) Humanistic Psychology, Learning and Teaching The Whole Person (Article)

Jan D. Sinnott

22) Application of Humanism Theory in the Teaching Approach

DU Jingna

23) Humanistic Psychology (Article)

Saylor Academy

24) Humanism: Essential for the Present Society a Psychological Perspective (Article)

Marietta D'Mello

25) A guide to Humanistic Psychology (Article)

John Rowan

Here ends our selection of free Humanistic Psychology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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