15+ Anxiety Books for Free! [PDF]

Not everyone can cope with life events in a healthy and functional way. Every day more and more people experience stressful emotions that sometimes get out of control. With this collection of books on anxiety in PDF format, you will understand how it works and in which cases therapeutic help is needed.

Anxiety is a normal emotional state that fulfills a function in our organism and that, well managed, helps us to survive in this world. If you are interested in knowing this topic in depth, read on and explore the selection of books on anxiety that we have created for you.

Anxiety can be defined as a feeling or emotion of fear, nervousness or high stress that is triggered by a situation that the person feels as a danger or threat. This can be real or imagined, in both cases the reaction is the same.

Since ancient times, anxiety has helped human beings to survive in hostile environments of constant threats. Although it is true that today the dangers are not the same, anxiety is still useful, for example, to avoid accidents, to avoid being robbed or to anticipate certain difficulties.

This is how anxiety becomes a valuable resource to keep us alive and alert. The problem comes when certain people feel anxiety on a daily basis, for situations that do not really represent any threat, but which they feel as such.

When anxiety gets out of control, it prevents the person from carrying out their daily activities normally, due to the constant fear of something happening to them. In this case, it becomes pathological and dysfunctional, so it could become an anxiety disorder.

Learn more about this area of study of psychology and psychiatry with our more than 15 anxiety books in PDF format, all free to access.

Here we present our complete selection of Anxiety books:

1) Living with Anxiety

Paul Swift, Eva Cyhlarova, Isabella Goldie

2) Cognitive Therapy Skills

University of Michigan

3) Anxiety

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation

4) Anxietry Disorders

King George's Medical University

5) Anxiety

McGill University

6) Anxiety Toolbox

Liberty University

7) Generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder in adults: management

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

8) Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety UK

9) Understanding Anxiety in Children and Teens

Child Mind Institute

10) Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders

World Health Organization

11) Anxiety

Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation

12) Anxiety and panic attacks

Mind, the mental health charity

13) Anxiety: Insights into Signs, Symptoms, Etiology, Pathophysiology, and Treatment

Almokhtar A. Adwas, J. M. Jbireal, Azab Elsayed Azab

14) Anxiety and depression

G. Maina, M. Mauri and A. Rossi

15) Relaxation

Michigan Medicine

16) Anxiety Disorders in Children

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

17) Chapter 4 Anxiety Disorders

Public Health Agency of Canada

18) Signs & symptoms of anxiety (Article)

Black Dog Institute

19) Anxiety

International Organization for Migration

20) Integrative Approaches to Anxiety: Easing the Fear (Article)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Here ends our selection of free Anxiety books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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