20+ Social Psychology Books for Free! [PDF]

When we manage to create a selection of free books worth sharing, we can’t wait to get them to you! This time we have managed to gather books in PDF format that deal with Social Psychology.

Taking into account that the topic to be discussed is complex and profound, we have chosen to search for all the books that will allow you to obtain the most relevant information.

Social Psychology is one of the main branches of psychology. It seeks to analyze the processes of psychological nature that have an effect on the functioning of a society. In short, it encompasses the study of the social processes that govern the personality of each individual.

The main objective of Social Psychology is to analyze the influence that social relationships have on the behavior and mental state of people. That is, it analyzes the psychological and social processes that can be observed, which helps to understand the way in which people act when they are part of a group or society.

Another factor that social psychology also considers is the historical context in which psychological events take place. This is because behavior always occurs based on a set of symbolic and material precedents that have an effect on what we do.

The select list we have created for you, is made up of more than 20 books of social psychology in PDF format. These publications are full of important and useful information on the subject.

Additionally, we include books in Spanish and Portuguese in case you are interested in reading in another language.

The books that we present to you belong to the public domain or have been given for free distribution.

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Here we present our complete selection of Social Psychology books:

1) Social Psychology Principles

Charles Stangor

Source: 2012 Book Archive

2) Together: The Science of Social Psychology

R. Biswas-Diener & E. Diener

Source: Amazon Web Services

3) An Introduction to Social Psychology

William McDougall

Source: McMaster University

4) Social Psychology

Virtual University of Pakistan

Source: Virtual University of Pakistan

5) Social Psychological Models of Interpersonal Communication

Robert M. Krauss y Susan R. Fussell

Source: Cernegie Mellon University

6) Social Psychology (article)

University of Mumbai

Source: University of Mumbai

7) Towards a balanced social psychology: Causes, consequences, and cures for the problem-seeking approach to social behavior and cognition

Joachim I. Krueger and David C. Funder

Source: University of California, Riverside

8) Social psychology (article)

Universidad de Sevilla

Source: Universidad de Sevilla

9) Social Psychology Glossary (article)

Social Psychology Network

Source: Social Psychology Network

10) Behavioral Study of Obedience (article)

Stanley Milgram

Source: Le Demenze in Medicina Generale

11) Introduction to applied social psychology (article)

Linda Steg, Abraham P. Buunk and Talib Rothengatter

Source: Cambridge University Press

12) Social Psychology: a topical review (article)

Verlin B. Hinsz and David C. Matz

Source: Encyclopedia of life support systems (EOLSS)

13) The Social Psychology of Personality (article)

Robert W. Fuhrman

Source: Encyclopedia of life support systems (EOLSS)

14) Social psychology and political behaviour

Martin Rosema and Bert N. Bakker

Source: Universiteit Twente (UT)

15) Social psychology as a natural kind (article)

Jason P. Mitchell

Source: Harvard University

16) Attitudes, Behavior, and Social Practice

Harris Chaiklin

Source: Western Michigan University

17) The Social Self

SAGE Publications Inc

Source: SAGE Publications Inc

18) Social Psychology (Presentation)

The University of New Mexico

Source: The University of New Mexico

19) Social Psychology (presentation)

Purdue University

Source: Purdue University

20) Social Psychology (Presentation)


Source: StudentVIP

21) Introducing Social Psychology

Wolfgang Stroebe, Miles Hewstone and Klaus Jonas

Source: Wiley-Blackwell

Here ends our selection of free Social Psychology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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