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Discover the fascinating field of social psychology with our collection of free social psychology books in PDF format.

Social psychology explores how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals are influenced by the real, imagined, or implied presence of others.

This discipline covers a wide range of topics, including attitudes, conformity, social perception, and much more, providing deep insights into human nature.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in our selection and find books that offer you a deeper understanding of how social interactions shape our psyche.

From foundational theories to contemporary research, there are resources available for students, scholars, and anyone interested in the social impact on human behavior.

Explore the complexity of human relationships through our collection of free social psychology books in PDF format.

Social Psychology books

Social Problems: Continuity and Change

Saylor Foundation

Social Problems Continuity and Change, explores sociological perspectives on social problems, their continuity, and potential solutions. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing social issues, using examples and research from sociology and other social sciences.

Principles of Social Psychology

Rajiv Jhangiani, Hammond Tarry, Charles Stangor

Principles of Social Psychology, provides an introduction to social psychology, covering topics such as social cognition, the self, attitudes, behavior, perception of others, social influence, relationships, altruism, aggression, group dynamics, stereotypes, prejudice, and cooperation.

Social Psychology Principles

Charles Stangor

Social Psychology Principles, is a comprehensive book on social psychology principles. It covers topics such as social cognition, attitudes, conformity, relationships, altruism, aggression, stereotypes, and more. The book provides an overview of key concepts, research findings, and theories in the field of social psychology.

Techniques of Social Influence

Dariusz Dolinski

Techniques of Social Influence, is an accessible overview of various techniques people use to influence others and fulfill their requests. The book explores the research behind these techniques, their effectiveness, and how individuals can resist them. It covers sequential techniques, egotistic mechanisms, verbal cues, gestures, and emotions.

Together: The Science of Social Psychology

R. Biswas-Diener & E. Diener

Together: The Science of Social Psychology, provides an overview of social psychology as a science, covering various topics such as research methods, self and identity, social cognition, emotions, social influence, and positive relationships.

Principles of Social Psychology

Lee Daffin, Carrie Lane

Principles of Social Psychology, is a comprehensive textbook that introduces the field of social psychology, covering topics such as self-perception, attitudes, persuasion, group influence, prejudice, aggression, helping behavior, and attraction.

Social Psychology

Virtual University of Pakistan

Social Psychology, is a comprehensive course material covering various topics in social psychology, including social cognition, person perception, attitudes, interpersonal attraction, social influence, aggression, group behavior, prejudice and discrimination, prosocial behavior, and more.

Social Psychology

University of Mumbai

Social Psychology, is an introduction to social psychology, exploring its scientific nature, focus on individual behavior, and understanding the causes of social behavior and thought. It covers topics such as cognition, social neuroscience, social diversity, and more.

Processes of prejudice: Theory, evidence and intervention

Dominic Abrams

Processes of Prejudice: Theory, evidence and intervention, explores the social psychology of prejudice, including its measurement, manifestations, and potential interventions.

Intergroup Relations

Luisa Batalha

Intergroup Relations, Luisa Batalha, is a comprehensive summary of Uppsala Dissertations, focusing on the topic of intergroup relations. It explores the question of when one's own group becomes more important than others.

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