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To continue expanding our database of free books, we have included a group of texts on general psychology. Our selection is made up of books in PDF format only.

General Psychology is defined as the science that deals with the behavior and processes of people’s minds. The word «psychology» comes from Latin and was first used at the end of the 15th or beginning of the 16th century by the Christian humanist and poet Marko Marulic, in his work entitled «Psichiologia de ratione animae humanae» (Psychology of the nature of the human soul).

General Psychology uses quantitative empirical research methods to study behavior.

Although psychological notions are mainly used in evaluations and treatments of different psychopathologies, in recent decades, psychology professionals have become part of management or human resources departments in companies, in fields related to child development and aging, the world of law, sports, the media, and the forensic sciences.

On the other hand, a great part of psychologists are professionally involved in therapeutic activities such as clinical, consultancy or education. But one part is also dedicated to carrying out research from universities on a wide range of topics related to human behavior.

In our list of more than 20 books on General Psychology in PDF format, you can find everything related to the subject, its branches, applications and field of work. We have included books in Spanish and Portuguese.

Each of the books on General Psychology has been released for free distribution or is in the public domain.

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Here we present our complete selection of General Psychology books:

#1. Beginning Psychology author Lardbucket.org | Source: Lardbucket.org
#2. Introduction to Psychology author MIT OpenCourseWare | Source: MIT OpenCourseWare
#3. Psychology author Rosie M. Spielman | Source: OpenStax CNX
#4. Introduction to Psychology: The Full Noba Collection author Noba | Source: Eastpsych.files.wordpress.com
#5. General Psychology:An Introduction author Tori Kearns, Deborah Lee | Source: IAIN Padangsidimpuan
#6. Introduction to Psychology author Martha Lally, Suzanne Valentine-French | Source: College of Lake County
#7. General Psychology author Girma Lemma | Source: Elibrary.bsu.az
#8. Fundamentals of psychology author University of Mumbai | Source: University of Mumbai
#9. A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis author Sigmund Freud | Source: Eduardo Lbm
#10. Basic Psychological Process author C. Jayan | Source: University of Calicut
#11. General Psychology author EIILM University | Source: EIILM University
#12. Introdution to Psychology author Ayanniyi Alhassan | Source: National Open University of Nigeria


#13. Psychology Notes author Silo.net | Source: Silo.net
#14. The Principles Of Psychology Volume I author William James | Source: MAHE Library, Dubai campus
#15. The Human: Basic Psychological Principles author The OHS Body of Knowledge | Source: The OHS Body of Knowledge
#16. What is Psychology author NCERT | Source: NCERT
#17. Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology (Presentation) author San Jose State University | Source: San Jose State University
#18. Introduction to Psychology author Wikimedia Commons | Source: Wikimedia Commons
#19. Introduction to Psychology author Pearson | Source: Pearson
#20. Psychology Defined author Gregg R. Henriques | Source: Psychology Today
#21. The definition and history of psychology author Saylor Academy | Source: Saylor Academy
#22. General Psychology Notes (article) author Garrettcollege.edu | Source: Garrettcollege.edu
#23. Psychology, student survival guide author David Webb | Source: All About Psychology
#24. A Textbook of Psychology author Edward Bradford Titchener | Source: Communication Cache
#25. Psychology a study of mental life author Robert S. Woodworth | Source: University of Illinois
Here ends our selection of free General Psychology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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