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Immerse yourself in the fascinating narrative of Argentina’s history with our selection of free books on the history of Argentina in PDF.

From the earliest inhabitants of the region to the political, social, and cultural events that have shaped modern Argentina, our collection covers every facet of its rich history.

We invite students, scholars, and anyone interested to explore our digital library, where they will find works spanning from pre-Columbian times and Spanish colonization to the struggle for independence and contemporary challenges.

Accessing these books for free and without registration democratizes knowledge, allowing everyone an easy exploration of Argentine history and its complexities.

Download the books from our collection for free and start uncovering the events and personalities that have shaped the Argentine nation.

Books and Texts on the History of Argentina in PDF

The Rise and Fall of Argentina

Rok Spruk

The Rise and Fall of Argentina by Rok Spruk is a policy brief that examines Argentina's economic exceptionalism in the 19th century and its subsequent decline. It highlights the importance of inclusive and participatory institutional frameworks for long-term growth and development.

20TH Century Argentina in the Hoover Institution Archives

William Ratliff, Luis Fernando Calviño

20TH Century Argentina in the Hoover Institution Archives by William Ratliff and Luis Fernando Calviño is a user guide that includes a brief commentary on modern Argentina, covering various aspects of Argentine history, economy, society, and culture.

Argentina a country study

Foreign Area Studies The American University

Argentina: a country study by Foreign Area Studies, The American University, provides a comprehensive overview of Argentina's historical, political, social, and economic aspects. It covers topics such as colonization, independence, dictatorship, national consolidation, and the Peronist era.

Colonial Settlements in the Río de la Plata

Luis María Calvo, Adriana Collado, Luis Alberto Müller

Colonial Settlements in the Río de la Plata: Between Transference and Development of Spanish Urban Models by Luis María Calvo, Adriana Collado, and Luis Alberto Müller explores the historical and architectural aspects of colonial settlements in the Río de la Plata region of Argentina. It examines the impact of European colonization on the region and the unique challenges faced in establishing permanent settlements.

Argentina. Quick Guide


Argentina. Quick Guide by UJA is a concise overview of Argentine history. It covers significant events such as the May Revolution, Argentine War of Independence, colonization by Spain, declaration of independence, periods of internal fighting, Peronism, the Falklands Islands War, and the War of the Triple Alliance.

Eva Peron: Political Domination through Love, Rhetoric, and Feminism

Kayleigh Fick

Eva Peron: Political Domination through Love, Rhetoric, and Feminism by Kayleigh Fick is a scholarly analysis of Eva Peron's impact on Argentine feminism through her use of rhetoric and her unique approach to feminism. It explores her political career, her relationship with Juan Peron, and her influence on Argentine society.

The Economic Consequences of Argentine Independence

Javier Ortiz, Carlos Newland

The Economic Consequences of Argentine Independence by Javier Ortiz and Carlos Newland is an article published in Cuadernos de economía in February 2001. It examines the economic effects of Argentina's independence and its implications for the country's development.

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