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Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Third Reich and a central figure in events that deeply marked the 20th century, remaining a subject of intense study and debate.

Our digital library offers a diversity of perspectives that address his life, ideology, rise to power, and the devastating impact of his policies on world history.

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Books and Texts on Hitler in PDF

Adolf Hitler - Collection of Speeches 1922-1945

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler - Collection of Speeches 1922-1945 by Adolf Hitler provides a collection of speeches delivered by Adolf Hitler himself. It offers valuable insights into his ideologies, rhetoric, and the historical context of the time. The speeches showcase Hitler's role as a pivotal figure in World War II and the rise of Nazi Germany, making it a significant resource for studying his life and impact.

The Power of Leadership Storytelling: Case of Adolf Hitler

Tuomo Takala, Tommi Auvinen

The Power of Leadership Storytelling: Case of Adolf Hitler by Tuomo Takala and Tommi Auvinen is an article that explores the construction of leadership influence through storytelling, using Adolf Hitler as a case study. It examines the power of storytelling in shaping leadership and discusses its potential for both positive and destructive effects.

Hitler’s Shadow

Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. Goda

Hitler's Shadow by Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. Goda is an exploration of Nazi war criminals, U.S. intelligence, and the Cold War. It sheds light on new information about major Nazi figures, their activities in the Middle East, and the involvement of former Gestapo officers.

Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, translated by James Murphy, is a significant book that outlines Hitler's aims, the development of the Nazi Movement, and his personal background. It provides insights into Hitler's ideology and the historical context in which it emerged.

A military leadership, analysis of Adolf Hitler

Major Paul A. Braunbeck, Jr.

A Military Leadership Analysis of Adolf Hitler by Major Paul A. Braunbeck, Jr. is a research paper that examines Hitler's leadership qualities, decision-making process, and military mistakes during World War II. It discusses his personality, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and analyzes specific instances such as the "stop" order at Dunkirk and the "no retreat" policy at Stalingrad.

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