20+ Socialism Books for Free! [PDF]

On this occasion, we want to present our collection of books on socialism in PDF format. This was made for all those interested in investigating or beginning to have notions about this topic that proposes an economic and social model.

Socialism, and its more modern variants, has been implemented in some parts of the world and aims to bring social justice wherever it is established. Its postulates coincide with some of the communism, but there are certain differences that we will show in this tour.

Socialism is an economic, political, and social system that enacts the protection of collective property and opposes private ownership of the means of production and distribution. The purpose is the construction of a more just, egalitarian and equitable society.

For socialism, enrichment through the exploitation of workers and the manipulation of consumers triggers social unrest and a series of injustices that need the intervention of the State to solve.

Do not miss this collection of more than 20 books on socialism in PDF format, so that you can learn its fundamental principles and everything that the application of this model implies in different countries.

Here we present our complete selection of Socialism Books:

1) Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

Ludwig von Mises

2) A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

3) Towards a new socialism

W. Paul Cockshott, Allin Cottrell

4) The ABCs of Socialism

Bhaskar Sunkara

5) Leaders of Socialism. Past and Present

G. R. S. Taylor

6) Markets versus Socialism

U.S. Government Publishing Office

7) Communist Legacies and Left-Authoritarianism

Grigore Pop-Eleches, Joshua A. Tucker

8) Why not Socialism?

G. A. Cohen

9) State Socialism: Meaning, Growth and Development

Pushpa Kumari

10) The Truth About Socialism

Lee Edwards

11) Through Pluripolarity to Socialism

International Manifesto Group

12) Socialism in the Twentieth Century: a historical reflection

Donald Sassoon

13) What Is Socialism?

Marxists Internet Archive

14) Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future

Michael Löwy

15) What Economic Structure for Socialism?

David M Kotz

16) Socialism and Ecology

Guilford Press

17) Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (Article)

Friedrich Engels

18) Socialism, Communism and Revolution (Article)

College of Social and Behavioral Science

19) Democratic Socialism versus Social Democracy (Article)


20) Socialism and communism (Article)

D. W. Lovell

21) Utopian & scientific socialism (Article)

Indian Institute of Legal Studies

22) Socialism advantages (Article)

Indian Institute of Legal Studies

23) What Revolutionary Socialism Means (Article)

Carl D. Thompson

Here ends our selection of free Socialism Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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