15+ Russian Revolution Books for Free! [PDF]

The historical events of Russia in the early 20th century were fundamental and highly influential for the world. Therefore, we could not fail to compile books on the Russian revolution in PDF format.

With this collection of books on the Russian Revolution, we intend to put you in the context of one of the most crucial historical moments for Europe and would mark the precedent of the communist system implemented in Russia and that would spread to other places. 

The Russian Revolution was constituted by a series of events that began in 1917. The center of the events was the overthrow of the Czar (absolute monarch) to give way to the new Leninist republican model. It would become, then, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

During the October Revolution, in this phase, Vladimir Lenin, backed by the Bolshevik Party, overthrew the provisional government to form a Soviet government, which would give way to the later Soviet Union.

Find out everything that happened during this historical period and what it represented on an international level. Explore more than 15 books of the Russian Revolution in PDF format and download the ones you like the most easily and for free to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Russian Revolution Books:

The Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution of 1905

Anthony M. Ivancevich

The Russian Revolution and the Danish Labour Movement

Morten Thing

Historiography of the Russian Revolution (Presentation)

Jim McBride, Bob Stradling

The Russian Revolutions & Civil War

Krasnaya Pobeda

The Russian Revolution

Rosa Luxemburg

The 1905-07 Russian Revolution as a Moment of Truth: An Overlooked Contribution from Menshevism

Ian D Thatcher

Lenin and the Russian Revolution

Catherine Merridale

The Russian Revolution (Article)

The Saylor Foundation

The Russian Revolution (Article)


Why did the Bolsheviks Win the Russian Civil War?

History Today

Causes of the Russian Revolution (Article)

Magadh Mahila College

The Russian Revolution and the Consolidation of the Soviet Union (Article)

Jochen Marx

The Roles of Lenin and Stalin in the Russian Revolution (Article)

History Today

Popular Impact of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution (Article)

Martin Hayford

The Russian Revolution (Article)

Naval History and Heritage Command

Russian Revolution Timeline

Halsbury School Travel Company

Here ends our selection of free Russian Revolution Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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