15+ Roman History Books for Free! [PDF]

The history of Rome spans some 3,000 years, a very long period that constitutes the foundational stage of Western civilization. Therefore, we know that there will be no shortage of readers for our collection of Roman History Books in PDF format, where you can learn for free about an Empire that developed between wars, invasions, a large number of kings and heroic characters.

Knowing Rome and its history is really an exciting journey that every person should take. Our books on the history of Rome can guide you on this journey through relevant information. Witness how one of the most powerful empires of mankind was born, grew and fell.

The story of Rome’s origin is shrouded in incredible legends, more akin to tall tales than real history, and which experts still cannot be sure are true. According to recorded versions, the city was founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus on the banks of the Tiber River in 753 BC. The foundation was marked by the murder of Remus at the hands of his brother, due to a dispute over the ideal location of the city.

From then on, events unfolded that marked the course of an entire civilization, spanning half of the planet. Rome is the cradle of one of the world’s greatest cultural heritages, as well as witness to countless wars, reigns, revolts and exploits.

In our collection you will find information on its foundation, the republic, the empire, mythology and religion, late antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, modern and contemporary times of the great Rome.

We invite you to learn first-hand about this indispensable historical period with our more than 15 Roman history books in PDF format, along with the compilation of Roman mythology also available. Access them right now absolutely free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Roman History books:

1) Ancient Rome

Core Knowledge

2) The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Volume 1

Edward Gibbon

3) The decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire

Justin Ott

4) Historical Evolution of Roman Infantry Arms and Armor 753 BC - 476 AD

Evan Bossio, Robert Chase, Justin Dyer

5) Ancient Rome: The Greatest Empire

Robert E. Slavin, Alli Hoge, and Kimberly Sargeant

6) The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (Presentation)

Student Handouts, Inc.

7) The Sword and Shield of God


8) Revision and Reconstruction of the Battles of Cannae (216 BCE) and Zama (202 BCE)

Yozan D. Mosig and Imene Belhassen

9) Material AICLE. 1º de ESO: Ancient Rome: History and Culture

Junta de Andalucía

10) The Roman Empire at its Zenith (to 235 CE)

Vanderbilt University

11) Unit 17 The Late Roman World

Delhi University

12) Adrianople: Before and After

Corry Atkinson

13) Marriage, families, and survival in the Roman imperial army: demographic aspects

Walter Scheidel

14) A Brief History of Rome

Brawley Union High School District

15) The first Roman Emperor Augustus

European Union

16) Resource: The Romans - Roman Emperors


17) Events, People, and Ideas of the Roman Empire

Province of Manitoba

18) The History of Rome I

G. B. Niebuhr

19) Ancient Rome Study Guide

Montessori School of Pensacola

20) Roman Building Materials Construction Methods and Architecture The Identity of an Empire

Michael Strickland,Dr Pamela Mack,Dr Alan Grubb

21) Roman Empire


22) Heroes Saints and Gods Foundation Legends and Propaganda in Ancient and Renaissance Rome

Danielle L Marsh,Dr Ronald K Delph,Dr James P Holoka

23) Augustus and the Principate

Pim van Wegen,S Stevens

24) Roman History

Ann Arbor Public Schools

25) Ancient Rome (Presentation)

Webster Groves School District

26) Ancient Rome (Presentation)

Mr Schermans Core

27) The Roman Empire (Presentation)

Birdville Independent School District Schoolwires

28) Roman Cults and Worship Roman Cults and Worship (Presentation)

Utah State University

29) Founding of Rome (Article)

Council Rock School District

30) Ancient Rome (Presentation)

Alachua County Public Schools

31) Daily Life in Ancient Rome Readings (Article)

Folsom Cordova Unified School District

32) Early Influence on Roman Culture (Article)

Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools

33) Medieval Europe From the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance (Article)

Redlands Unified School District

34) The Roman Empire (Article)

Lee County Schools

35) The History of Rome (Article)

Creative Time

Here ends our selection of free Roman History books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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