20+ Spain History Books for Free! [PDF]

Continuing with more selections of free books, in this opportunity we have selected a wide subject and that expands for a considerable extension of the world that we know today, we refer to the History of Spain.

In this publication we will share a select list of books about the History of Spain in PDF format, which contain all the important information about this ancestral empire.

The History of Spain is one of the most extensive and complex in the world. It has developed in parallel or hand in hand with many other countries over several centuries.

The region currently occupied by Spain has been the center of attention of some of the most important empires in the world: the Romans and the Carthaginians fought for it, the Arabs managed to conquer it and, later, the Christian kings started what became the largest empire in the world when they discovered America.

During the reign of Philip II, Spanish rule extended from the Philippines to America, and united the regions of Spain, Flanders, Portugal, Italy and several areas of present-day Germany.

Precisely with this king began a period of economic and political debacle with external and civil wars. For their part, the American territories began their independence, giving rise to today’s world.

There are more than 20 books in PDF format that make up our list. All the texts are in the public domain or have been made available for free publication.

Here we present our complete selection of Spain History books:

1) James I (The Conqueror) King Of Aragon

John Forster

Source: York University

2) A Short History of Spain

Mary Platt Parmele

Source: Freeditorial

3) Philip V: Economic and Social Reform in Spain in the Reign of the First Bourbon King

Agustín González Enciso

Source: Universidad de Navarra

4) A Short History of Spain and Portugal

Stanford University

Source: Stanford University

5) The Spanish Civil War

James Michael Yeoman

Source: White Rose University Consortium

6) The Spanish Empire (Presentation)

Raymond Hickey

Source: University of Duisburg-Essen

7) The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War

Ana Tur-Prats, Felipe Valencia Caicedo

Source: Cemfi

8) Brief History of Spain (Presentation)


Source: Talismav

9) General Franco as a military leader

Paul Preston

Source: London Schools of Economics

10) Labour repression and social justice in Franco’s Spain: the political objectives of compulsory sickness insurance, 1942-1957

Jerònia Pons Pons, Margarita Vilar Rodríguez

Source: Core

11) The Spanish Empire and Its Legacy: Fiscal Re-distribution and Political Conflict in Colonial and Post-Colonial Spanish America

Regina Grafe & Maria Alejandra Irigoin

Source: London Schools of Economics

12) The Spanish Empire, 1500–1898

Christian G. De Vito

Source: Bloomsbury Collections

13) Spanish Civil War Background

The History Haus

Source: The History Haus

14) Muslim Rule in Spain (Presentation)

Dr Abdur Rauf

Source: Lahore College for Women University

15) Oath Ceremonies in Spain and New Spain in the 18th Century: A Comparative Study of Rituals and Iconography

Inmaculada Rodríguez Moya

Source: Dialnet - Universidad de La Rioja

16) Frederick III of Aragon (1296–1337)

Mirko Vagnoni

Source: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

17) History of Spanish

Homeschool Spanish Academy

Source: Homeschool Spanish Academy

18) Archives of the Mediterranean: Governance and Record-Keeping in the Crown of Aragon in the Long Fifteenth Century

Alessandro Silvestri

Source: ResearchGate

19) The Heritage of AL-ANDALUSand the Formation of Spanish History and Identity

Imam Ghazali Said

Source: ARC Journals

20) Spain's Constitution of 1837


Source: ConstituteProject.org

21) The Spanish Conquest in America

Arthur Helps

Source: Library of Congress

22) Archives of the Crown of Aragon

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Source: Portada de la web del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte

Here ends our selection of free Spain History books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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