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The Aztecs, one of the most fascinating civilizations of antiquity, left a cultural and architectural legacy that endures to this day.

We invite you to explore our wide range of books on the Aztecs, covering everything from their origins to their downfall at the hands of the Spanish conquest. Discover the secrets of their rituals, their political system, and their rich mythology.

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Books and Texts on the Aztecs in PDF

Aztec Architecture

Manuel Aguilar-Moreno

Aztec Architecture by Manuel Aguilar-Moreno, is a comprehensive exploration of the monumental and symbolic nature of Aztec architecture, including temples, pyramids, palaces, and everyday homes. It provides insights into the history, migration, religious rituals, and cultural significance of the Aztecs.

Aztec Culture: An Overview

Dr. Michael E. Smith

Aztec Culture: An Overview by Dr. Michael E. Smith provides an overview of Aztec culture in Central Mexico from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. It discusses the adoption of traits from previous civilizations, innovations in economics and politics, the impact of Spanish conquest, and the survival of Aztec language and culture today.

Aztec Mythology

Lorna Dils

Aztec Mythology by Lorna Dils is a curriculum unit written for fourth and fifth-grade students, exploring the basics of the Aztec religion and their mythology. It aims to compare and contrast Aztec culture with African, European, and Greek mythology.

The Aztec Empire

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The Aztec Empire by Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is a guide to the exhibition on the Aztec Empire. It explores the historical and cultural influences on Aztec art, showcasing over 430 works and artifacts. The exhibition highlights the religious, social, and economic aspects of Aztec life, including their artistic expressions and symbolism.

The Aztecs

Embajada de México en Estados Unidos

The Aztecs by Embajada de México en Estados Unidos is a brief overview of the Aztec civilization, including their origins, capital city of Tenochtitlan, agriculture, numerical system, the Aztec Empire, the Sun Stone, education, and religion.

The Aztecs: A Pre-Columbian History

Silvério A. Barroqueiro

The Aztecs: A Pre-Columbian History by Silvério A. Barroqueiro is a curriculum unit that provides information on the Aztec civilization, their history, culture, and mythology. It includes adaptations from surviving Aztec books and explores legends and complex mythology to engage high school students.

The Aztec Civilization

eClass ΕΚΠΑ

The Aztec Civilization by eClass ΕΚΠΑ is a brief overview of the rise and fall of the Aztec civilization in Central America. It discusses the Aztecs' adaptation to their environment, their expansion through conquest, their government structure, economy, and law. The document also mentions the Aztec's religious practices and their rich cultural heritage.

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