20+ Books about Nazism for Free! [PDF]

Nazism was the political ideology that drove the most destructive events in modern history, such as the Holocaust and World War II. Therefore, you should take a look at our collection of books about Nazism in PDF format, which will provide you with sufficient data for your study.

Knowing its causes, development and consequences is of vital importance for the understanding of this historical period that left indelible traces in the world. You can do so if you consult our books on Nazism, with which you can begin to understand this ideology that survives to this day in some small social groups in Europe.

Nazism saw its birth in the second decade of the 20th century, when Adolf Hitler created the concept of National Socialism, an ideology of extreme nationalism that took hold in the population due to the economic and social crisis to which Germany was subjected after World War I.

Adolf Hitler’s failed coup d’état (1923) led him to prison, where he wrote the book “My Struggle”, in which he set down in writing the foundations of his Nazi party. Among the principles that compose it, the following stand out: The superiority of the Aryan race, the purge of other peoples, the rejection against the Treaty of Versailles, the need to create the great kingdom (Greater Germanic Reich) and the conquest of the vital space (lands outside Germany that belonged to it in the past).

This political party had a great reception, thanks to the discontent of the population and the need to feel triumphant, to achieve economic development and world domination. Ideas that ended up creating large concentration camps where millions of Jews who “soiled” the purity of the race died.

If you want to begin to understand this ideology, we invite you to study our more than 20 books about Nazism in PDF format, which you can download right now to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Books about Nazism:

1) Nazi War Crimes & Japanese Imperial Government RecordsInteragency Working Group

Library of Congress

2) The Mauthausen Concentration Camp Complex: World War II and Postwar Records

Amy Schmidt and Gudrun Loehrer

3) Nuremberg Trial Archives

Cour internationale de Justice

4) Nazi Ideology and the Holocaust

William F. Meinecke Jr., Alexandra Zapruder, Timothy Kaiser

5) The German Blitzkrieg Against the USSR, 1941

Andrei A. Kokoshin

6) Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918 –39

Oasis Academy Brightstowe

7) Desert Warfare: German Experiences in World War II

Major General Alfred Toppe

8) Nazism and the Rise of Hitler


9) Germany 1919-1939 – A Depth Study

Charles Darwin School

10) The Secret Weapons of World War II: An Analysisof Hitler's Chemical Weapons Policy

Reyn SP Ono

11) Transnational Neo-Nazism in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia

Paul Jackson

12) Holocaust, genocide, and crimes against humanity

Centre for Holocaust Education

13) Hitler’s Rise to Power & The Rise of Nazi Germany (Presentation)

Elizabethtown Area School District

14) Against the mainstream: Naziprivatization in 1930s Germany

Germa Bel

15) Becoming Hitler's Army: Nazi Killers and the Making of Genocidal Warfare

Scott N Romaniuk

16) Nazism, Political Religion and Ordinary Germans

Samuel Koehne

17) Concentrations Camps

Eau Claire Area School District

18) Nazism in Germany (Article)

Escuela secundaria de Olomouc

19) Ideological Derivations of Nazism and Its Subsequent Rise-An Analytical Study (Article)

Dr. Mazher Hussain, Nasir H. Aqiel, Muhammad Anwar Farooq

20) National Socialism (Article)

Yad Vashem. The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

21) Rise and Fallof the Third Reich (Presentation)

William L. Shirer

22) The German Tank Problem: Math/Stats at War! (Presentation)

Steven J. Miller

Here ends our selection of free Books about Nazism in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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