20+ Greek History Books for Free! [PDF]

The Western world has been deeply influenced by Greek civilization, even to this day. We may not know it, but we owe much of what we are today to Hellenistic Greece.

With its importance in mind, we have decided to create a free collection of Greek history books in PDF format. All with the aim of acquainting our readers with one of the first documented histories of the world.

Greek philosophy, art, culture and democracy formed the basis of Western civilization, along with the Roman heritage. It was an empire that captivated other empires, which contributed to the fact that its heritage was not lost. In order for you to update this knowledge on such an interesting subject, it is essential that you start by consulting our books on the history of Greece, free of charge.

The Greek Empire would reach its best time in the Hellenistic period, where Philip II of Macedon achieved peace and harmony among the poleis. Without failing to recognize the great deeds of his son Alexander the Great. During this period a model of civilization was consolidated that is still exemplary today, as well as the moment when the political, cultural, juridical and economic foundations were laid that would steal the attention of the Romans.

Hellenistic and Imperial Greece would see its end with the conquest of Egypt by the Roman Empire. Then came periods of foreign domination until the achievement of its independence in 1829. Today, Greece is a country like any other, with its ups and downs, but it will always remain in the collective imagination as one of the greatest nations in the history of mankind.

We invite you to continue exploring the history of this wonderful country by reading our more than 20 Greek history books in PDF format, a mandatory study if you want to enrich your cultural knowledge.

Here we present our complete selection of Greek History books:

The Ancient Greek Civilization

Core Knowledge Language Arts

Stories of the Ancient Greeks

Charles D. Shaw

Ancient Greek Philosophy


Early Greek Philosophy

John Burnet's

On the Development of Greek Historiography and the Plan for a New Collection of the Fragments of the Greek Historians

Felix Jacoby

The Aegean (Bronze Age) (Presentation)

De Anza College

Greek Art and Culture (Presentation)


A Survey of Greek History

David C. Mirhady

Earliest European civilization – Aegean civilization (Presentation)

Wyzsza Szkola Studiow Miedzynarodowych

A Detailed Chronology of Greek History

Charlie Kyriacou

Commentary: Greek Legal History. Its Functions and Potentialities

Hans Julius Wolff

Art of the Ancient Aegean (Presentation)

Chandler Unified School District

Greece’s Economic and Social Transformation 2008–2017

Symeon Mavridis

The Hellenistic Period and Hellenization in Phoenicia

Corinne Bonnet

Early Greek Civilisation (Article)

UBC Physics & Astronomy

Greece: History and Wars (2000 B.C.E.-300 B.C.E)

Loudoun County Public Schools

Greek Art from Prehistoric to Classical a Resource for Educators

Michael Norris

A Critical History of Greek Philosophy

W. T. Stace

The Tradition of Ancient Greek Democracy and its Importance for Modem Democracy

Mogens Herman Hansen

Life In Ancient Greece

St Barnabas CE Primary School

The Trojan War (Presentation)

University of Alberta

Ancient Greece Military & Battles (Presentation)

York Region District School Board

Democracy in Ancient Athens and in the Contemporary World

Gregory T. Papanikos

Greek Conceptions of Citizenship and the State Role

Georgia Kontogiannopoulou-Polydorides, C. Andritsopoulou and Georgia Papadopoulou

Here ends our selection of free Greek History books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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