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Explore the rich history of Chile with our collection of free books on the history of Chile in PDF format.

The history of Chile spans from the early indigenous populations to the complex social, political, and cultural developments of contemporary Chile, marking a fascinating journey through time.

Our selection includes a wide range of texts covering pre-Columbian periods, Spanish conquest, independence, and the challenges of the 20th and 21st centuries, offering a deep insight into the events that have shaped the nation.

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Books and Texts on the History of Chile in PDF

The Case of Chile

Rodrigo Caputo and Diego Saravia

The Case of Chile by Rodrigo Caputo and Diego Saravia is a working paper that provides a monetary and fiscal history of Chile from 1960 to 2016. It analyzes the structural changes, inflation episodes, exchange rate regimes, and fiscal policies that have shaped the Chilean economy.

The Monetary and Fiscal History of Chile, 1960–2016

Rodrigo Caputo, Diego Saravia

The Monetary and Fiscal History of Chile, 1960–2016 by Rodrigo Caputo and Diego Saravia is an analysis of Chile's economic history, focusing on monetary and fiscal policies. It examines the country's experiences with inflation, debt management, exchange rate regimes, and their impact on the economy.

Chile's First Inhabitants

National History Museum

Chile's First Inhabitants by the National History Museum is a brief introduction to the earliest human presence in Chile, discussing the Paleo-Indian and Archaic periods, as well as the diverse indigenous cultures that inhabited the region.

Democracy, Dictatorship and Economic Performance in Chile

William R. Keech

Democracy, Dictatorship and Economic Performance in Chile by William R. Keech explores the political and economic experience of Chile between 1932 and the present, comparing the impact of democracy and dictatorship on economic performance. It discusses the reforms and policies implemented under both regimes and argues that neoliberal economic policies were central to Chile's economic success.

Land and society in early colonial Santiago de Chile, 1540-1575

Thomas Chapin Braman

Land and Society in Early Colonial Santiago de Chile, 1540-1575 by Thomas Chapin Braman examines the colonial development of Santiago de Chile during the period from 1540 to 1575. It explores the complex relationship between the indigenous Indians and the Spanish settlers, highlighting their impact on the economic, political, and social development of the colony.

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