15+ Books about the Maya for Free! [PDF]

We present to you a very important collection, from a historical and cultural point of view. These are books about the Maya in PDF format, where you will find everything related to one of the most outstanding pre-Columbian civilizations of the American continent and whose legacy we can enjoy today in different ways.

The Maya were part of the group of organized and strong peoples that made life in America, but whose advance was stopped by the Spanish colonization. In our books about the Maya you will discover their social and political organization, the religion they practiced, their way of life and their survival activities.

It was a civilization located in Central America, mainly in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; although it extended to the current countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. They lived there from the 20th century B.C. until the 15th century A.D., when Columbus set foot on American soil and began the colonization process that included economic, political, social and religious domination.

Of the impressive legacy they left behind, the pyramids, monuments, temples and some ruined cities such as Chichen Itza and Palenque, among others, stand out. In addition, their most outstanding characteristics are the following:

  • Their form of economy was agriculture, carried out by peasants in the countryside.
  • They were polytheistic and had the elements of nature as their gods.
  • They built great monuments, relevant for their own and current civilization.
  • They displayed knowledge in astrology, mathematics and written language.
  • Although they were divided into states with autonomous governments, they shared the same religion and traditions.
  • Their social organization was hierarchical, consisting of priests, rulers, nobility, peasants and slaves.

Discover much more by checking out our collection of over 15 books about the Maya in PDF format, available below for free download on any of your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Books about the Mayas:

Maya Creator Gods

Karen Bassie

The Maya

University of South Florida

Sedentism, Specialization, and Economic Activity Among the Lowland Classic Period Maya

Rachel A Horowitz

The Collapse of the Classic Maya Kingdoms of the Southwestern Peten: Implications for the End of Classic Maya Civilization

Arthur A Demarest

Round structures in Pre-Columbian Maya Architecture

Jan Szymanski

The Architectural Context of Caches Burials and Other Ritual Activities for the Classic Period Maya

Diane Z Chase,Arlen F Chase

Cacao in Ancient Maya Religion

Simon Martin

Palenque's Settlement Pattern and Social Organization Models

Edwin L Barnhart

Spanish Missionization and Maya Social Structure: Skeletal Evidence for Labor Distribution at Tipu, Belize

Lara Noldner

Maya Civilization (Presentation)

Kelsey Morrow,Morgan Nagel

Mayan Religion and Gods (Presentation)

Erin K M

Maya Gods and Religion (Presentation)

St Ambrose Catholic Primary

Maya Art (Presentation)

Godinton Primary School

Mayan Culture (Presentation)

Columbia Public Schools

Maya architecture (Presentation)

Pradeep Kumar Yadav

Who Were the Maya (Article)

Robert Sharer

The Maya (Article)

Embassy of Mexico in Venezuela

The Mayan Calendar Round Keeping Time (Article)

Exploratorium The Museum of Science

The Maya and Their Mathematical Exploits (Article)

Nicasio D Serafin

Here ends our selection of free Books about the Maya in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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