15+ Books on the Holocaust for Free! [PDF]

The Holocaust was one of the cruelest social phenomena ever generated by any war. For history not to repeat itself, it is necessary to know and remember it. That is why you should read our collection of books on the Holocaust in PDF format, because it is an essential subject to understand what happened during the darkest historical period of the twentieth century.

The death of millions of human beings is worth studying to understand how judgment can be clouded by ideological causes. This event is a proof of this and in our collection of books on the Holocaust you can evaluate it as an object of research.

The Holocaust is called the genocide or the continuous and systematic murder of millions of Jews and other social, religious or ethnic groups, with the economic and political backing of the German state. It was framed in the Nazi ideology, whose leader was Adolf Hitler.

The procedure was the same in all the territories where the military forces arrived. Jews were deported, separated from their families, to be taken to concentration and forced labor camps, extermination centers or ghettos.

People considered to be of the “inferior race” were subjected to the most deplorable conditions, many were immediately murdered in gas chambers or shot, others were enslaved, and many died of starvation, disease or cruel torture. Among the groups of victims of extermination were: Jews, communists, handicapped, homosexuals, and practitioners of religions or ideologies contrary to Nazi principles.

Most of the victims of the Holocaust were Jews, of whom six million were murdered. Most of the survivors emigrated to Israel. Delve into the details of what happened during the Nazi Holocaust by reading our more than 15 books on the Holocaust in PDF format and making your own analysis of this event in history.

Here we present our complete selection of Books on the Holocaust:

Holocaust and Human Behavior

Facing History and Ourselves

The Holocaustand the United Nations Outreach Programme

United Nations

Education on the Holocaust and on Anti-Semitism

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The Story of the Holocaust: Psychological and Historical Perspectives

Hans G. Furth

Recognizing and Countering Holocaust Distortion

International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)

Stages of the Holocaust (Presentation)

Gymnázium, Alejová, Kosice, Slovakia

History of the Holocaust Resource Packet

The District School Board of Collier County

The Holocaust

Omer Bartov

Stories Among Us: Personal Accounts of Genocide

Ilana Cone Kennedy

The Timeline of the Holocaust

Echoes & Reflections Timeline of the Holocaust

What was the Holocaust?

Ark Acton Academy

Light One Candle:A Child’s Diary of the Holocaust

Frieda Miller

Holocaust Memorial Day - Learning lessons from the past to create a safer, better future

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

The Holocaust

North Palos School District 117

Teaching about Anti-Semitism through Holocaust Education

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

History of the Holocaust: An Overview

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Explaining the Holocaust

Centre for Holocaust Education

The Ethical Limitations of Holocaust Literary Representation

Anna Richardson

Overview of the Holocaust: 1933-1945 (Article)

Anti-Defamation League

The Holocaust (Article)

Elie Wiesel

Here ends our selection of free Books on the Holocaust in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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