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The French Revolution set a precedent for the world’s political systems in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. To start your research on this important historical period, check out our excellent collection of French Revolution books in PDF format, which you can download immediately to your electronic devices and without having to pay a penny.

This social-political phenomenon caused a great stir in Europe and the world, as France changed in a few years from a feudal country with a monarchical system of government to a Republic, with institutions elected by the people. Discover how this transformation, so important for today’s states, came about with our books on the French Revolution and revel in the libertarian ideals of the time.

The French Revolution took place in several stages, between 1789 and 1815. Its motto was “liberty and equality before the law”. At that time, the prevailing form of government in Europe was monarchy and feudalism, with the inhabitants of the countries being subjects of the king. In about ten years, France changed from an absolutist monarchy to a republic, subjects to citizens and the bourgeois became the dominant social class.

This historical stage set the precedent for what today are the democracies of the world. Institutions such as the Senate, whose members were elected by the people for their representation, were created. A cosmopolitan and libertarian air was breathed that would culminate with the Napoleonic Empire. The French Revolution went through the following phases: monarchic (1789-1792), republican (1792-1804) and imperial (1805-1815).

Learn more about this political, economic and social movement that laid the foundations for the republican and democratic life we are part of today. Browse our more than 15 books on the French Revolution in PDF format, a quick and easy way to access information.

Here we present our complete selection of French Revolution books:

The Great French Revolution 1789 - 1793

Pëtr Kropotkin

The French Revolution

Thomas Carlyle

French Revolution

Mumbai University - University of Mumbai

Events and Processes


The French Revolution (Presentation)

East Tennessee State University

French Revolution of 1789

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Nationalism in the French Revolution of 1789

Kiley Bickford

French Revolution

Mount Holyoke College

Métissage-The Merging of Theater and Politics in Revolutionary France

Paul Friedland

Lectures on the French Revolution

John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Action

A Modern Hero. Bonaparte and the Culture of Heroism

Patrice Gueniffey

Paradigms and Paranoia: How Modern Is the French Revolution?

Rebecca L. Spang

His. 102: Intro. to Western Civilization-French Revolution (Presentation)

Michael D. Berdine

The King and the Crowd: Divine Right and Popular Sovereignty in the French Revolution

Robert G. Hamerton-Kelly

Re-making French revolutionary iconoclasm (Article)

Richard Clay

The French Revolution (Article)

Thomas Zell

“Friends, Fellows, Citizens. and Soldiers”: The Evolution of the French Revolutionary Army, 1792-1799 (Article)

William Scupham

French Revolution a Child of the Enlightenment

Highland Central School District

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