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Chinese culture is one of the oldest and richest in the world, with a history spanning thousands of years and a lasting influence in various fields such as art, philosophy, and traditional medicine.

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Books and Texts on Chinese Culture in PDF

On China’s Traditional Culture and Peaceful Development Strategy

Wang Xinjun

On China’s Traditional Culture and Peaceful Development Strategy by Wang Xinjun provides insights into China's cultural basis and historical development, highlighting the idea of China's peaceful development strategy. It explores the relevance of China's traditional culture in shaping its approach to international relations and its impact on the world stage.

Religion in a State Society: China

Myron L. Cohen

Religion in a State Society: China by Myron L. Cohen is an examination of religion's multifaceted role in social and political relationships in traditional agrarian China. It explores the integration of religion in the village and family autonomy, expressions of hostility towards the state, and the transformation of society. The document provides insights into the religious traditions, official state cult, and the interplay between religion and social life in China.

Culture and Management in China

J Child & M Warner

Culture and Management in China by J Child & M Warner discusses the relationship between culture and management in the People's Republic of China. It explores the impact of Chinese culture and institutional changes on management practices.

Chinese Culture Profile


Chinese Culture Profile by Diversicare provides information about various aspects of Chinese culture, including migration experience, family structure, personal hygiene, leisure and recreation, religion, food and diet, health, language, and additional resources. It aims to enhance staff knowledge and understanding of the cultural and linguistic needs of individuals from a Chinese background.

Chinese Cultural Traditions and Modernization

Wang Miaoyang, Yu Xuanmang, George F. McLean

Chinese Cultural Traditions and Modernization by Wang Miaoyang, Yu Xuanmang, and George F. McLean is a book that explores the nature of Chinese cultural traditions in the context of modernization. It delves into the impact of modernization on Chinese society and the need to preserve and incorporate traditional culture in the process. The book discusses various aspects of Chinese philosophy, including Confucianism and Taoism, and their relevance in the modern world.

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