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Books and Texts on the Mongol Empire in PDF

The Secret History of the Mongols: A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of the Thirteenth Century

Igor de Rachewiltz

The Secret History of the Mongols: A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of the Thirteenth Century by Igor de Rachewiltz is a significant literary monument that provides a genuine account of the life and deeds of Činggis Qan (Genghis Khan), the founder of the Mongol Empire. It is a unique blend of epic poetry, narrative, and historical accounts, offering valuable linguistic and cultural insights into the Mongolian and Turkic-speaking people of Inner Asia.

Written in the Stars: Secrets of the Mongol Empire

Bennett Sherry

Written in the Stars: Secrets of the Mongol Empire by Bennett Sherry is a brief overview of the Mongol Empire, its expansion, trade routes, and cultural impact. It provides insights into the empire's leadership, conquests, and the networks of trade and knowledge that flourished during that time.

Women and the Economy of the Mongol Empire

Bruno de Nicola

Women and the Economy of the Mongol Empire by Bruno De Nicola is a chapter from the book "Women in Mongol Iran." It explores the role of Mongol women in the empire's economy, particularly focusing on the ordo, the central institution in the economic life of the Mongol nomads. The chapter discusses the significance of the ordo in shaping the imperial economy and highlights the challenges of studying the economic history of nomadic societies.

The Mongols in World History

Columbia University

The Mongols in World History by Columbia University is a transcript highlighting the significant contributions of the Mongols to global history, particularly during the 13th and 14th centuries. It explores their influence on China's Yuan dynasty, their advancements in various fields, and their role in bridging East and West through cultural exchange and trade.

Mongol Invasions of Northeast Asia Korea and Japan

Dr. Grant Rhode

Mongol Invasions of Northeast Asia: Korea and Japan by Dr. Grant Rhode is a study of the Mongol invasions in the 13th century, focusing on their attempts to expand their empire through maritime conquests. It discusses the defeat of the Mongol invasion fleet, the role of the "Divine Wind" (kamikaze), the subjugation of Korea, and the invasions of Japan.

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