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Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance and the epicenter of significant cultural and political movements. Its history offers a unique journey through centuries of human development, art, and revolutions.

Our selection ranges from the Etruscans and ancient Rome to Italy’s role in the World Wars and its influence on European art and culture, promising a deep immersion into its historical legacy.

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Books and Texts on the History of Italy in PDF

Italia und Germania

Stefano Lissi

Italia und Germania by Stefano Lissi is an analysis of the concept of a "shared fate" between the Italian and German processes of national unification during the period of 1848-1871 in Italian public discourse. It explores the belief that both countries aimed at unifying their respective nations and saw the Habsburg Empire as a common obstacle.

A Short History of Italy (476-1900)

Henry Dwight Sedgwick

A Short History of Italy (476-1900) by Henry Dwight Sedgwick provides a concise overview of Italian history, covering the fall of the Roman Empire, Barbarian invasions, the Papacy, the Renaissance, and the Risorgimento. It offers insights into the major events and achievements that shaped Italy's rich historical legacy.

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

Jacob Burckhardt

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Jacob Burckhardt is an essay that explores the political, cultural, and social aspects of Italy during the Renaissance. It delves into topics such as the state as a work of art, the development of the individual, the revival of antiquity, the discovery of the world and man, society and festivals, and morality and religion.

The Doctrine of Fascism

Benito Mussolini

The Doctrine of Fascism by Benito Mussolini is a philosophical text that explores the principles and ideals of Fascism as a political ideology. It delves into the concept of the State, the role of the individual within society, and the relationship between spirituality and action.

A Brief History of Italy

Frank A. Fregiato

A Brief History of Italy by Frank A. Fregiato is a concise survey of Italy's rich and diverse history, covering pre-Roman times, the Roman Republic and Empire, the fall of Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the modern era. It provides an overview of Italy's formation as a nation, its struggles with outside control and invasions, and its path to becoming a constitutional republic.

Timeline for World War II Italy

World History

Timeline for World War II - Italy by World History is a timeline detailing significant events related to Italy during World War II, including Mussolini's rise to power, Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, alliances with Germany and Japan, and military actions in North Africa and Greece.

The Origins of the Italian Renaissance

Finalsite Learning Center

The Origins of the Italian Renaissance by Finalsite Learning Center is a document that explores the apex of medieval civilization in Italy during the 12th and 13th centuries, as well as the subsequent crisis and collapse of the 14th century. It discusses population growth, economic expansion, the guild system, the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, and the impact of disasters such as famine and the bubonic plague.

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