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With the idea that you can discover the most interesting secrets of one of the richest cultures in the world, we have created a complete collection of free books on Egyptology.

Egyptology is known as the scientific study of the history of Egypt, its culture in general, its traditions, language, among others; and especially of Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptologist is an expert in what refers to the history of Ancient Egypt, a period that spans from the birth of this culture until the end of the Ptolemaic era, in the first century BC.

This science relies on others to carry out its research work, such as archaeology, philology, history, ethnology, and the science of religions.

To learn everything you want to know about Ancient Egypt, we invite you to consult the selection of more than 30 materials including free books and articles on Egyptology in PDF format that we have prepared for you.

Books on the History of Egypt

Delve into the mysterious and captivating world of Egyptian history and its close relationship with the discipline of Egyptology. Since time immemorial, this ancient civilization has sparked the curiosity and awe of researchers and enthusiasts alike.

The history of Egypt dates back over 5,000 years, and its legacy has left an indelible mark on the history of humanity. From the construction of majestic pyramids to the creation of a highly structured society and the worship of gods, ancient Egypt has fascinated entire generations.

If you are eager to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Egyptian history, we invite you to visit and enjoy our complete section of free books on Egyptian history.

Books on Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

The art and architecture of Ancient Egypt are characterized by their monumental simplicity, eternal nature, and close relationship with religion.

The Egyptians firmly believed in the afterlife and wanted their tombs and temples to endure forever, hence the use of highly durable techniques and materials such as limestone and granite.

Discover the mysteries of the pyramids, admire the paintings and sculptures that capture the daily life of the ancient Egyptians, and uncover the secrets of pharaohs and queens with the following free books and articles on the art and architecture of Ancient Egypt.

The Art of Ancient Egypt

Philippe de Montebello and Kent Lydecker

Ancient Egyptian Paintins

Nina M Davies

Smarthistory guide to Ancient Egyptian Art

Dr. Amy Calvert, Dr. Elizabeth Cummins, Dr. Beth Harris, and Dr. Steven Zucker

Egyptian Art - The Amarna Revolution

Riana McArthur

Construction Methods and onstruction Methods and Building Materials uilding Materials

Digital Karnak

Evolution of Egyptian Funerary Architecture

Ancient Egypt and Archaeology

Principles of Style in Egyptian Art (Article)

Royal Society of Chemistry

Ancient egyptian architecture (Presentation)

Dr. Zeinab Feisal

Political ideas expressed by visual narratives - the case of the ptolemaic egyptian temples

José das Candeias Sales

Books on the Religion of Ancient Egypt

The religion and mythology of ancient Egypt are among the most fascinating and enigmatic in history. For the ancient Egyptians, the afterlife was an essential part of their belief and religious practice.

Through complex rituals, worship of the gods, and the construction of impressive temples, the Egyptians sought to ensure divine protection and eternal life in the afterlife.

Egyptology, the scientific study of ancient Egyptian culture, has provided valuable insights into this ancient religion and mythology, unveiling the hidden mysteries behind its rituals, symbolism, and myths. Enjoy the following free books and articles on the religion of ancient Egypt.

The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice

Robert Kriech Ritner

Book of the dead. Becoming god in ancient egypt

Foy Scalf

Milk in ancient Egyptian religion

Maria Ivanova

Domestic religious practices

Stevens, Anna

Egyptian Religion (Presentation)

Delaware Valley School District

Funerary Rituals (Pharaonic Period)

Hays, Harold

Gods, Graves & Pyramids: Ancient Egyptian Religion & Ritual (Article)

Kathryn Bard

Books on Egyptian Language and Writing

The Egyptian language and writing are fundamental elements for understanding the ancient civilization of Ancient Egypt. Through hieroglyphs and other writing systems, the Egyptians left behind a linguistic legacy that has intrigued experts for centuries.

Egyptology plays a crucial role in deciphering and understanding these ancient writing systems, allowing us to delve into the minds and communication of the ancient Egyptians.

If you are passionate about discovering the power of words and exploring the communication of an ancient civilization, we invite you to enjoy the following free books and articles on Egyptian language and writing.

Egyptian Literature

Epiphanius Wilson

Ancient egypt dictionary

Ancient Egypt Web

Short egyptian grammar

Gunther Roeder

An Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

C. Casey

Very easy crash course in abnormal hieratic

Koenraad Donker Van Heel

Hieroglyphs and Meaning

Lucia Morra and Carla Bazzanella

A Very Brief Introduction to Hieratic

Joshua Aaron Roberson

Egyptian Hieroglyphics (Presentation)

Ruth Kramer

Egyptian Writing Systems and Grammar (Article)

Shawn C. Knight

What are Hieroglyphs (Article)

Maxwell Museum

Hieroglyphic alphabet (Article)


Books on Archaeological Discoveries

Egyptian archaeological discoveries are windows to the past that allow us to delve into the rich history and culture of ancient Egypt. Over the years, Egyptology has witnessed astonishing findings, from pharaonic tombs to magnificent temples and precious artifacts.

Each archaeological discovery provides us with new perspectives and knowledge about this ancient civilization, and Egyptology is dedicated to investigating, analyzing, and disseminating these discoveries to enrich our understanding of Egypt’s history.

Explore the world of Egyptian archaeological discoveries with the following free books and articles in PDF format.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Alice Stevenson

Archaeological Discoveries

Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Analysis Of Artifacts From Ancient Egypt Using An Edxrf Portable System

Cristiane Calza, Renato P. Freitas, Antonio Brancaglion Jr. and Ricardo T. Lopes

Ancient Egyptian - Mummification Explained (Article)


Books on Society and Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

The society and daily life in ancient Egypt are fascinating aspects of history that allow us to immerse ourselves in a millennia-old culture full of mystery and traditions.

From the construction of majestic pyramids to the worship of gods and goddesses, every aspect of life in Ancient Egypt reflected the complexity and splendor of this civilization.

If you are passionate about history and wish to delve into the mysteries of this civilization, we invite you to enjoy the following free books and articles on the society and daily life in ancient Egypt.

Everyday life in Ancient Egypt


Social Classes and Gender - Roles of Ancient Egypt (Presentation)

John Adams Academy

Life in Ancient Egypt


Marriage and Divorce in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia) - A comparative Study

Mona Ezz Ali

Ancient Egyptian Social Structure (Article)


Here ends our selection of free Egyptology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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