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Books and Texts on the Ottoman Empire in PDF

The Ottomans

Bram Hubbell

The Ottomans by Bram Hubbell is a resource guide that explores the rule of the Ottoman Empire from the 14th to the 19th century. It highlights the empire's impact on the Middle East and Southeastern Europe, including its religious diversity, political challenges, and efforts at modernization.

Introduction to the Ottoman Empire

Mr.Tidridge's Website

Introduction to the Ottoman Empire by Mr. Tidridge is a brief overview of the Ottoman Empire's history, including its expansion, governance, cultural diversity, and key characteristics such as centralization, state-run institutions, and military strength.

Madjaristan: The Ottomans in Hungary 1520-1686

Matthew Pearsall

Madjaristan: The Ottomans in Hungary 1520-1686 by Matthew Pearsall is a senior thesis that explores the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Hungary during the years 1520-1686. It examines the complex dynamics between the Ottomans and the Christian peasantry they ruled, emphasizing the significant changes and Islamification that occurred during the Ottoman occupation of Hungary.

Population Transfers in Mediterranean History: Ottoman Empire in the Fourteenth - Seventeenth Centuries

Fatma Müge Göçek

Population Transfers in Ottoman Empire in the Fourteenth-Seventeenth Centuries by Fatma Müge Göçek is a study that examines the practice of population transfers in the Ottoman Empire during the mentioned time period. It explores the historical conditions, social actors, and institutions that shaped this practice, highlighting its significance in Ottoman history.

Administration of the Ottoman Empire

Dr Ishani Choudhury

Administration of the Ottoman Empire by Dr. Ishani Choudhury is a brief overview of the Ottoman Empire's administration, including its legal system, central government structure, and provincial administration. It explores the influence of ancient Near Eastern, Islamic, and Central Asian models on the Ottoman state and emphasizes the importance of justice, wealth, and military strength in the empire's administration.

The Ottoman Empire

Eman M. Elshaikh

The Ottoman Empire by Eman M. Elshaikh is a brief historical overview of the Ottoman Empire's expansion, military power, socio-political structure, and cultural influences. It provides insights into the empire's religious dynamics, social hierarchies, and connections with other empires

The economic policy of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1922)

Stefania Ecchia

The economic policy of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1922) by Stefania Ecchia is an article that explores the economic challenges faced by the Ottoman Empire during its final phase. It discusses the empire's fiscal crisis, foreign debt, and attempts at reform and modernization. The article highlights the impact of external borrowing and military expenses on the empire's decline.

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