15+ Books on the Conquest of the Americas for Free! [PDF]

If you are interested in learning about the process of European colonization throughout the Americas, you cannot miss our collection of books on the Conquest of the Americas in PDF format, which will serve to start your studies of this important topic of continental history. Our history as nations under conquest is the most novel in the world. For a long time we were called the New World for a reason.

The history of the conquest is very important for our identity as peoples, finally emancipated. That is why we wanted to offer you this selection of books and materials on the Conquest of the Americas, which will bring you up to date with the most important events of this historical period.

Depending on which side you look at it, the history of the conquest of the Americas has been perceived by some historians as a bloody event that brought destruction and misery to the lands of North and South America. From another point of view, the encounter of the two worlds meant a transformation at all levels that certainly created the new identity of the North and South Americans. This brought with it positive elements such as the discovery of the other part of the globe, miscegenation and cultural exchange.

The conquest was carried out by the great European nations of the time, which already needed to expand economically, due to demographic, geographic and political factors. Spain, Portugal, England and France were the main participants in this journey. The first to set foot on American soil was Christopher Columbus, who was amazed by the impressive beauty and wealth of the first islands discovered.

The colonial period was marked by the imposition of the language, religion and economic and social dynamics of European countries. Some territories suffered the extermination of indigenous peoples and also the forced occupation of Africans brought as slaves.

To learn more about this shocking period of history, check out our more than 15 books on the Conquest of the Americas in PDF format, available now for free download.

Here we present our complete selection of Books on the Conquest of the Americas:

Frenchand British Colonization of North America

Kristina Mostova

The Nature of the Conquest and the Conquistadors

Alistair Hennessy

European Colonization of the Americas (Presentation)

Austin Community College District

America before European Conquest (Presentation)

Austin Community College District

The Depopulation of Hispanic America after the Conquest

Massimo Livi-Bacci

Latin American Inequality: Colonial Origins, Commodity Booms, or a Missed 20th Century Leveling?

Jeffrey G. Williamson

Who Was Christopher Columbus? (Presentation)

UNC Chapel Hill

The Spanish Conquest of the Americas

Oxford University Press

Spanish Colonization of the New World: Cultural Continuity and Change in Mexico

Karl W. Butzer

Chapter 17.3 Colonial Latin America

Cave Creek Unified School District

Christopher Columbus

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Primary School

The European Competition for North America - The British & American Colonial Perspective: A Sampling, 1699-1763

National Humanities Center

Lifeat Jamestown (Article)

Archibald Andrews Marks

Letter of Christopher Colombus on his first Voyage to America, 1942 (Article)

National Humanities Center

The Conquest of America: The Largest Demographic Catastrophe in Human History (Article)

Michael Schiffmann

Christ and the Conquest: Bartolomé de Las Casas and the Clerical Resistance to Spanish Colonialism (Article)

Kristopher Maulden

The American Colonies, 1584-1688A Selective Guide to Materials in the British Library

Anne Sharp Wells

Slaves, Migrants and Development in Brazil, 1872-1923

Andrea Papadia

Here ends our selection of free Books on the Conquest of the Americas in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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