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Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Mexican Revolution with our collection of free books on the Mexican Revolution in PDF format.

The Mexican Revolution was a period of great social and political transformation that is essential for understanding the formation of modern Mexico and its impact on the social and political fabric of the country.

Our selection covers everything from historical analysis to biographies of key figures, offering a comprehensive look at the events, ideologies, and personalities that shaped this movement.

Downloading these books for free allows you to access a valuable educational resource at no cost, facilitating in-depth study of one of the most significant moments in Mexican history.

Explore our digital library and start uncovering the stories, challenges, and victories of the Mexican Revolution, all available for free and without the need for registration.

Books and Texts on the Mexican Revolution in PDF

Emiliano Zapata and the Mexican Revolution of 1910

Mr. Hurst's ​History

Emiliano Zapata and the Mexican Revolution of 1910 by Mr. Hurst is a historical account of Zapata's role in the revolution, highlighting his efforts to fight for land reform and the struggles faced by the lower classes in Mexican society.

Leaders of Mexican Independence

Core Knowledge Foundation

Leaders of Mexican Independence by Core Knowledge Foundation is a document that provides information about the leaders of the Mexican fight for independence from Spain, including Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, José María Morelos, and Vicente Guerrero.

Path dependence in development: Evidence from the Mexican Revolution

Melissa Dell

Path dependence in development: Evidence from the Mexican Revolution by Melissa Dell explores the impact of drought severity and insurgency during the Mexican Revolution on subsequent government policies and long-term economic development. It analyzes the relationship between rainfall shocks, revolutionary insurgency, land reform, and the socioeconomic outcomes of municipalities in Mexico.

The Mexican Revolution

Álvaro Matute

The Mexican Revolution by Álvaro Matute is a historical document that provides an overview of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917), discussing the political, agrarian, labor, and religious issues that fueled the revolution. It highlights the discontent among different social groups and the rise of leaders like Emiliano Zapata and Francisco I. Madero.

The Mexican Revolution

Alejandro Quintana

The Mexican Revolution by Alejandro Quintana is a brief historical account of the Mexican Revolution, highlighting its political and social dimensions. It explores the overthrow of President Porfirio Diaz, the emergence of different revolutionary factions, and the struggle for political and social reforms during the period of 1910-1940.

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