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Known as one of the powers of the world, this monarchic country has influenced crucial decisions at an international level, so we decided to offer you the opportunity to learn more about it with our free history books about England.

This nation owes its name to a Germanic people called “the Angles”, who inhabited the place during the 5th and 6th centuries. This territory became a unified country in 927, and since then it has grown and impacted the world culturally and legally. 

On the other hand, this country is characterized by a monarchy that dates back to the year 878, when Alfred the Great, who served as king of Wessex, proclaimed himself king of England.

By 1707 the parliaments of England and Scotland were unified giving way to the United Kingdom of Great Britain; as we know it today. 

If you wish to obtain information about the historical events of this nation, as well as its culture, legacy, influence, customs, etc., you can consult more than 40 materials among free books and articles about the history of England in PDF format that we present to you on this occasion.

Books on the Ancient History of England

The ancient history of England is a fascinating journey through time that allows us to discover the origins and transformations of a nation full of rich cultural heritage.

The ancient history of England spans from the times of the Celts and Romans to the arrival of the Saxons and Normans.

If you are passionate about history, we invite you to enjoy the following free books and articles on the ancient history of England.

Land And Society - The bronze age cairnfields and field systems of britain

Robert Alexander Johnston

Daily Life and Emergent Identities - Western Britain in the Late Iron Age and Roman Period

Kieran 0 'Driscoll

Middle Bronze Age to Iron Age

Timothy Champion

The Roman Conquest Of Britain

Jason Delaney

The Viking invasion of Britain

St Patrick's RC High School

Iron Age religion in Britain

Karolina Saxerbo Sjoberg

Anglo-Saxon and Norman England c.1060-88

Walton Academy

Prehistoric Britain

British Museum

Julius Caesar’s Invasions of Britain

James T. Holmes

Bronze Age Review - The international journal of research into the archaeology of the British and European Bronze Age

The British Museum

Books on the Middle Ages in England

During the Middle Ages, England experienced significant changes in politics, religion, and society, leaving a lasting legacy in British culture.

The Middle Ages in England were marked by the feudal system, where feudal lords ruled over extensive lands and knights defended honor and justice.

If you wish to immerse yourself in the intriguing events of the Middle Ages in England, we invite you to enjoy the following free books and articles that will help you learn more about this fascinating period.

History of the protestant reformation in England and Ireland

William Cobbett

Magna Carta & Parliament

David Carpenter and David Prior

The Norman Conquest - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle

Jan Seidensticker & Philipp Preker

The Wars Of The Roses

Sutanuka Ghosh Roy

The Black Death, an Unforeseen Exchange - Europe’s Encounter with Pandemic Sparked an Age of Exploration

Camryn Franke

Contested Stones - Monumental Architecture and the Representation of Power in the High Middle Ages

Anne EC McCants

The Wars Of The Roses (Presentation)

TGGS Academy

1066 - The Norman Conquest

Collin J. Pierlot

War of Roses - A House Divided


Books on the Modern History of England

The Modern History of England is a captivating journey through the centuries that allows us to delve into an era of revolutions, discoveries, and radical changes.

From the Tudor dynasty to the Industrial Revolution and the expansion of the British Empire, each chapter of England’s modern history showcases the evolution of a nation and its influence on the world.

If you are passionate about history and wish to explore the fascinating events and figures of the Modern History of England, we invite you to enjoy the following free books and articles.

Why did the Industrial Revolution Start in Britain?

Leif van Neuss

The British Industrial Revolution, 1760-1860

Gregory Clark

Great Britain, the Two World Wars and the Problem of Narrative

Cambridge University Press

The Great U.K. Depression - A Puzzle and Possible Resolution

Harold L. Cole

Britain and the First World War - Parliament, Empire and Commemoration

Sarah Tudor

The Financial Crisis of 1931 and the Impact of the Great Depression on the British Economy

Nicholas Dimsdale and Nicholas Horsewood

Rationing in Britain during World War II (Article)

University of Oxford

Civil War Of England (Article)


The British Empire (Article)

Amy J. Lloyd

Books on the Contemporary History of England

From the Industrial Revolution to the two World Wars and the consolidation of the United Kingdom as a global power, each event in the contemporary history of England has left a profound impact on the course of world events.

During the contemporary history of England, radical changes occurred in society, such as the struggle for civil rights, the emancipation of women, and the emergence of the labor movement.

Immerse yourself in the political challenges and social transformations that shaped modern England with the following free books and articles.

The Cultural Memory of Britain’s Cold War

Sarah Elizabeth Marshall

Representing Science in a Divided World - The Royal Society and Cold War Britain

Jennifer Rose Goodare

Brexit and beyond

Anand Menon

Blair’s Britain - the social & cultural legacy

Ben Marshall, Bobby Duffy, Julian Thompson, Sarah Castell and Suzanne Hall

Defining Britain’s international role in the post-Cold War period

Dominic Sowa

The Youth Culture Phenomenon - Transformation of the British Society in the 1960s and its Impact on Popular Culture

Katerina Mysakova

Thatcherism, New Labour and the Welfare State

John Hills

The Blair Government, Labour Market Flexibility and the Social Democratic Project in Britain

Eric Shaw

Thatcherism, Crime and the Legacy of the Social and Economic ‘Storms’ of the 1980s

Eprints Whiterose

History of education in Britain since 1960

Gary McCulloch

Redefining British policy at the beginning of the Cold War. South-East Europe in London's foreign policy strategies

Alexandru Dumitru

Swinging Sixties: A Social History of Britain, 1960 - 1970 (Article)

Richard Adewale Elewomawu

Here ends our selection of free History of England books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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